people often want to take advantage of the blessings of the governor of Taiwan. However, their thinking is too wrong. The governor of Taiwan has changed from the head of a country. As a magistrate who lives in a corner, he obviously goes high and low, how can he have great luck to bless others? How short-sighted.

His personal achievements are of course beyond the reach of ordinary people, but there is still a long way to go to become a saint with divine light shining on all living beings to bless others, and his personal realm and ideological height are far behind.
However, it is close to the city center, so it is quite good for enjoying the convenience and various guarantees of modern life. Su Mei’s residence is in a lush forest. It adopts a layout similar to that of the prefect’s mansion. It is surrounded by extremely tall trees. There is a maze-like spiral driveway, and Su Mei’s residence is hidden deep in one of them. Not to mention tabloid reporters and outsiders, even the Zhu family has no way of knowing where Su Mei is without prior notification.
Liu Changan was walking on the roadside and saw a motorcade parked deep in the garden street with few pedestrians. A black Toyota was parked not far from the side of the motorcade. Taiwanese official vehicles prefer Japanese models. A man got out of the car. A middle-aged man of medium build, wearing a suit and smiling elegantly.
The window of a black Rolls-Royce at the rear of the convoy opened, and a stunningly beautiful young woman turned her head to talk to the middle-aged man. Her expression was cold, with a hint of obvious contempt at the corner of her mouth, and she had no intention of getting out of the car. After a few words, the car window was closed.
The motorcade set off, and the middle-aged man still stood there watching the motorcade leave before getting into the car.
The Toyota turned around and drove into the driveway in the lush forest.
Only Su Mei lives in the dense forest.
/Liu Changan ran like a strong wind.
After catching up with the Toyota, Liu Changan opened the door and picked up a hard-shell magazine in the compartment.
“Who are you?” The middle-aged man was startled, and the driver in front of him hurriedly stopped.
Liu Changan quickly tore off the outer cover of the magazine, rolled it up and used it to form an extremely sharp weapon, which he pressed against the middle-aged man’s neck.
“You threaten me with a piece of paper?” The middle-aged man calmed down and said with a sneer.
“Keep driving.” Liu Changan said to the driver.
“Don’t listen to him!”
The driver chose to continue driving. He saw Liu Changan running in the rearview mirror. The speed was so terrifying that he didn’t even react. He opened the door forcefully, and the method of stabbing with rolled paper was more professional. The killer, I just don’t know why he is so blatant.
“The paper is very hard. With just a moment of force, it can easily pierce your neck arteries and you will die.” Liu Changan explained, “Can you please stop struggling? I’ve obviously alre