lady back then.

In the past, there were often stories about aristocratic ladies defecating in the wild and encountering young men. In fact, they all belonged to the emperor’s golden pole. Real aristocratic ladies would carry a toilet bucket when traveling, solve the problem in the sedan chair, and then have the maid take it away and empty it. Most of the young men met a maid from a noble family, thought she was the eldest lady, knocked her unconscious and took her home to play.
“Only I know the most detailed landing place. Unless I leak it in advance, it is impossible for someone to ambush there in advance and plan a kidnapping case without anyone noticing.” Zhong Qing continued.
“Yeah.” Liu Changan still trusts Zhongqing. She has been trained by Su Mei since childhood and has a special complex for Su Mei. She has won the trust of Su Mei and Zhu Juntang.
“After we arrived, Yan Qingcheng and Bai Hui walked around with the third lady. Finally, the third lady brought back a sheep. Behind the sheep was an old man who came to get the sheep’s money. After I paid the money, They never went out again, and no one came in again, but at ten o’clock this morning, Yan Qingcheng went to ask Miss Third to go to class. Her room was empty, and we haven’t found her yet. ”
/Zhongqing has not yet reported the news to Su Mei who is far away in Antarctica, but has dispatched manpower to search everywhere. However, Nanshan is too big and there are alpine grasslands everywhere. It is not like the city where cameras are densely covered. The helicopter that flew over yesterday was not professional. The search and rescue helicopter’s cabin design and electronic equipment are not suitable for search and rescue. It is better than nothing, but it can quickly send search and rescue personnel to far away places and expand the scope of search and rescue. But if Zhu Juntang had not been kidnapped, she would have been trampled at home just because of her. How far can she run with the strength of the balance bike’s legs?
“So are you currently checking the surveillance system?” Liu Changan thought for a while.
“Yes, she lives on the third floor. There are cameras at both ends of the floor, and cameras are also installed at the only entrance and exit of the entire building. We focused on checking the surveillance videos of these three cameras.” Zhong Qing said.
In the surveillance video, Zhongqing only saw Zhu Juntang leading the sheep to play in the corridor last night, and letting the sheep eat a piece of the landscape plants on the corridor.
“I’ll come over later, and you can arrange for a helicopter to be on standby.” Liu Changan’s tone was very calm, without the slightest hint of anxiety. He even hoped that Zhu Juntang would suffer some hardships and hardships, but alas.
For Su Mei’s sake.
For Su Xiaocui’s sake.
Because she is Qin Yanan’s best friend.
For the sake of her being Bai Fen’s best friend.
For the sake of her being Shangguan Dandan’s bitch.
Because she is Zhou Dongdong’s protector.
Humph, after all, it was just for the sake