ds and personalities were able to play together.

Women are so interesting.
/After class in the morning, Liu Changan contacted Zhongqing and planned to ask her to take him to the underground base to see the mirage’s body. Zhongqing told him that she sent Zhujuntang to Nanshan Ranch last night and planned to return to Junsha at noon, but now that But something shocking happened next door.
Zhu Juntang is missing.
“It takes Junsha six or seven hours to get to Nanshan Ranch, and you guys arrived before ten o’clock?” Liu Changan asked strangely. Even if he sets off after class in the afternoon, he still won’t be able to reach Nanshan Ranch before ten o’clock, not to mention Zhu Juntang still has a meal. After resting for a while, Zhong Qing still needed time to wait until Yan Qingcheng went to class.
“The air flight distance from Junsha to Nanshan Ranch is only more than 400 kilometers. Generally, helicopters can only fly up to 350 kilometers per hour. The flagship of Miss San’s helicopter fleet can stabilize at more than 450 kilometers per hour, which is the best in the world. The fastest customized model.” Zhong Qing explained.
She is not showing off, but it is of great importance. Details like this that go against ordinary people’s cognition must be explained clearly. Perhaps in the eyes of a wise person like Liu Changan, any detail may hide the truth.
Liu Changan nodded. It turned out to be Chao Ning. Nanshan Ranch is located in the western part of southern Hunan, close to Guizhou and Guangxi. It is not far from tourist attractions such as Guilin, Phoenix, and Southeast Guizhou. He has not been to Nanshan Ranch for many years. I never thought about taking a helicopter there directly.
“Go on.” Liu Changan nodded. Zhongqing’s tone was urgent but not panicked. He was more confused than frightened. In other words, Zhu Juntang’s disappearance was not a kidnapping that happened under his nose, or Falling into some cave or something.
/“When our group entered the Nanshan area, we contacted the ground station to determine the landing location. The servants went to take care of the room, change the sheets, quilts, toilets, and other things that her skin would come into direct contact with.”
“Wait, do you want to replace the toilet?” Liu Changan couldn’t help but frown. Was she going on vacation or being punished? Even the toilet needs to be replaced!
“Just spray a layer of isolating coagulant on the toilet first, and then remove the toilet seat and replace it with a washlet. It doesn’t really mean replacing the entire toilet. After all, the conditions here are limited. Even a large helicopter does not have expanded transportation space. Prepare The time is short and we cannot load too many non-essential equipment.” Zhong Qing forced a smile and explained, but Liu Changan’s casual interruption made Zhong Qing’s mood relax a little.
It turns out that if she had not set off temporarily and was well prepared, Miss Zhu would have even brought the toilet with her when traveling. This was very like the style of a feudal noble