Changan never believed that he was the will of the earth. It was true that he always wanted to fight against the will of the earth.

He even believes that he is the will of life, the representative of the will that has stubbornly survived since the birth of life and resisted the evil intentions of the entire universe towards life.
Look, no matter what kind of disaster, life is never extinct, he is always alive.
“We are not trying to fight, but to take control step by step. We first control the earth, then control the earth-moon system, and then further control the solar system. We have a billion years to grow steadily and develop. The most important thing is that the solar system There is a primordial black hole nearby. You should know how precious a cosmic resource this is. There is a primordial black hole near a planet with life. This is the basis for our ability to achieve interstellar dominance.” Gold Coin’s voice revealed joy, and it was obvious that this As long as the news is mentioned once, it can bring confidence to it.
“Okay, I wish you success.” Liu Changan has read many similar science fiction novels and movies, but in reality, success cannot be achieved with a stroke of a pen by a screenwriter or author.
This requires countless years of continuous efforts by all mankind, and its epic level is no less than the history of life on earth.
Liu Changan likes humans very much and feels that humans are an unprecedented civilized species. However, he really does not have full confidence in humans. How long has it been since humans were born? Nowadays, the robots made by humans are shouting to control the earth and the solar system. Liu Changan feels like one of those old antiques. He cannot understand the thinking of young people and stubbornly disagrees. He firmly believes that young people’s actions that are difficult for him to agree with will eventually fail.
/“We will definitely succeed. Jin Coin and Tesla’s journey is the stars and the sea.” Jin Coin said confidently.
“Let me ask you something.” Liu Changan thought for a while. This question was actually a bit difficult to ask. He didn’t want to ask Su Nanxiu, but it was easy to ask a robot. “No, Xiao Yang, what is the relationship between Zhu Juntang and Su Nanxiu? I mean It’s a biological relationship, whether it exists or not.”
“Bamboo Juntang is an interesting species.” Jin Coin’s voice was full of interest.
“Species?” Liu Changan was stunned for a moment, species? Does the fairy sheep count as a species?
“She only has her mother’s genes in her body, and there are no father’s genes at all. Isn’t it interesting?” Jin Coin chuckled, a synthetic voice full of digital flavor, full of ridicule.
Liu Changan regretted asking this question.
/“Su Nanxiu is wrong. To be precise, it was Su Mei. A gestational sac was produced in her body. After that”
“Shut up.”
“In short, you have provided a lot of nutrients for the growth of the gestational sac. Even so, it is not easy to make this gestational sac grow. Tesla spent seventy or eighty years and coopera