tracted it, “Beauty, what do you mean?”

“Our lady will come to play the carousel later. We need to briefly disinfect the facilities, which will take about three minutes. I hope you can be accommodating then. Tourists will not have any objections when they see the facilities being disinfected while waiting. “Jin Xiaomei requested with a smile.
“Then why don’t you reserve the venue?” The administrator looked left and right, then quickly reached out and took the money. She gave him too much! In fact, there is no risk in such a relatively reasonable request. Even if you only give a few hundred yuan, you will usually agree.
“If we book the venue, no one will see our lady’s cuteness, and she won’t be able to show off that she is a child accompanied by her parents.” Jin Xiaomei explained.
The administrator nodded as if he understood. Anyway, it was all kinds of bad habits that come from being rich.
The bread man responsible for disinfecting was in the front, and Sanmei’s Family was in the back.
In such a cold weather, the three soft-looking sheep gave people a quite warm feeling.
Especially their ears and tails twitch and sway from time to time, making people feel like they are an extremely cute family when they are among the crowd.
/The family atmosphere must be very harmonious, with a loving father and a loving daughter, a loving mother and a filial daughter.
“Mom, I decided to build three bleating statues in the new playground of Dawang Mountain to commemorate our family activities today.” Zhu Juntang said, pulling Mrs. Zhusan’s sheep’s tail.
“Yeah.” Mrs. Takesan said nonchalantly. She was adjusting the angle of the selfie so that the composition would meet her requirements.
“Let’s enlarge it a hundred times according to the same proportion.” Zhu Juntang raised his hand and made a gesture before deciding.
“According to the general design rules for civil buildings, if the building height exceeds 100 meters, whether residential or other public buildings are super high-rise buildings, approval will be more troublesome. I suggest that if you really want to build, keep it below 100 meters.” Mrs. Takesan thought. After thinking about it, he said.
“Okay.” Zhu Juntang nodded. Three measles that were almost 100 meters tall were standing next to the amusement park. It wasn’t bad when you think about it. If they were really close to 200 meters away, they might have a bit of a phobia of giant objects.
Ordinary buildings are okay, but the animal shapes may give people the feeling of being invaded by Titan creatures, full of evil charm, and are not cute anymore.
“Are you just doting on her like this?” Liu Jianshe said in surprise. He thought Mrs. Zhusan would not agree.
I remember Zhu Juntang said that her plan to build a forest park inside the Baolong Center was rejected by Mrs. Zhu San. She said it was because of bad Feng Shui. It seems that she really felt that Feng Shui was not good, so she did not allow Zhu Juntang to do whatever she wanted.
If it doesn’t affect Feng Shui, I’ll probably just follow Zhu Juntang’s w