‘s market building and stopped close to the wall so as not to affect traffic, which fully demonstrated his excellent personal qualities.

The security guards of the vegetable company who were about to go upstairs stopped to look at this modified off-road vehicle, which was very rare in Junsha.
Men all like cars and beautiful women. Some men will even choose cars when choosing between cars and beautiful women. They also often use “car” to describe women, such as “car repair”, “driving a car”, “car headlights”, “original car”. Keys”, “spare keys”, “used cars” and the like.
There are even some people who use things like buying a car, renting a car, buying a car, maintaining a car, etc. as a metaphor for the various situations faced by women, which are very similar.
/The security guards’ eyes are all focused on the modified G63 of Merissa, just like looking up at the elusive and charming beauty in the TV commercials of luxury shopping malls.
At this time, the car door opened. The security guards were trying to see who was driving such a rare car, but first they saw a sharp horn sticking out.
Very large horns.
Like the big buffalo that was common in rural areas in the past, children often admired its hard and powerful horns.
Unlike other places, the security guards of Fuyu Vegetable Company are the real core team of the company. They were all brought by Yu Chao from his hometown. They have the bond of fellow villagers and the relationship of jointly training the business owners. Yu Chao wants to Everything is done through them.
Coming from Jiuhua, there is also the famous Zique Rice Terraces. There is no way to mechanize farming. The buffalo is still an important production tool for local farmers. In the city with many high-rise buildings, suddenly seeing a buffalo horn makes the security guards nostalgic and can’t take their eyes away. and looked at it.
I originally thought that the person in the car was holding a horn or a bull’s head, but it turned out that the person who came out of the car was a minotaur.
The security guards’ eyes were so shocked that they almost dropped to the ground. This minotaur was extremely tall, mainly because the bull’s head was extremely powerful and tall. Except for its horns, it was over two meters tall.
“What the hell is this?” The security guards were surprised, but they didn’t feel scared. Is there really some kind of monster appearing in broad daylight?
/“It should be a big man wearing a cow-head hood, the same style as the fish-head hood that is very popular now, with fake muscles on his body.” One of the security guards dreams of becoming an actor and knows a lot about these things.
He also once worked as a group performer wearing various weird props and acted as a bit player. Because he provoked a girl in the group performance, he contacted Yu Chao after running away to avoid the limelight. Later, he found out that the girl did not call the police, and maybe even I don’t know who inspired her.
After the limelight passed, he found that the extras were not comfortable work