say whatever you want, not just talking nonsense.” Liu Changan pointed to the foot of the mountain again, “I suggest you buy a bag first, and then confess to your wife when you get back.”

“Okay, okay, don’t do it behind your back. I’ll confess it myself.” Bai Shengtian hurriedly pressed his belly and ran down the mountain. Bai Hui’s mother knew that Bai Shengtian pursued the school beauty when he was in college. After so many years, she still used this matter to ridicule her from time to time. If he had known that Bai Shengtian had seen Yan Huaye today, wouldn’t he have done everything in his power to kill Bai Shengtian?
When he reached middle age, Bai Shengtian knew that he could not defeat Tian, ??let alone his wife.
Yan Huaye looked at Bai Shengtian’s running back and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. In the end, the teacher threatened him with Bai Shengtian’s wife, but Yan Huaye still heard it and felt that a middle-aged man who was afraid of his wife was quite good.
What woman would make a man like the teacher care so much? I’m afraid not. Yan Huaye knew that she would never let him care so much.
/At this time, another video call popped up on Liu Changan’s mobile phone. He picked it up and Su Mei appeared in the video screen again. She seemed to be standing in front of a camera specially designed for video calls. The camera was wide-angle and the picture was wide. Seeing the snake, bear and bat all returned to human form and stood far behind Su Mei.
Xiaobai and Aurora were originally human forms that evolved from animal forms, but Mrs. Karnstein was the only one who acquired animal form.
“Who is she?” Liu Changan did not deliberately let Yan Huaye avoid it. At this time, the angle Liu Changan held the mobile phone allowed Su Mei to clearly see that Yan Huaye was next to her.
“Yan Huaye.”
“Yan Huaye?” Su Mei frowned slightly, recalling that there were many people she held grudges against, and Yan Huaye was just one of them. The impression was not very deep, but when Liu Changan mentioned his name, she immediately recalled that it was related to Yan Huaye. A lot of information, just an experimental subject.
“Let’s get down to business.” Liu Changan reminded her that the two of them had reached many consensuses in Antarctica, including that Su Mei should no longer investigate the people and things that appeared around Liu Changan, otherwise Su Mei might have known about Yan Huaye’s arrival. Junsha.
Su Mei glanced lightly at Yan Huaye, who neither approached nor avoided the camera, and then said: “Just now, your snake swallowed up my mobile phone in one bite. Now I have changed the device.”
“Yeah.” Liu Changan didn’t expect that she would still use a mobile phone in Antarctica. The signals there were independently built encrypted channels, and it might not be very convenient to use ordinary mobile phones for communication equipment.
“I checked the video data, and the last record was that Guan Yuan and Jin Xiaomei were taken to the air raid shelter in Lushan Valley, where the signal was interrupted.” Su M