ught last time.” Tong Xi, who was sitting across from Zhu Juntang, noticed it first and said to Yan Qingcheng.

Tong Xi is actually a little jealous of Yan Qingcheng. You know that when school first started, Yan Qingcheng was the object of everyone’s sympathy. It can be seen that her family situation is not very good. She always buys the cheapest dishes in the cafeteria, a bottle of Laogan Mom will also save food for a long time.
Now Tong Xi, like Yan Qingcheng, has found a classmate in school to be his boss, but Yan Qingcheng’s salary is more than one and a half stars higher than Tong Xi’s, and she also uses high-end cosmetics that ordinary female college students would envy.
/There is nothing that can be done about this. Who made Yan Qingcheng target the most valuable connections in the class when school started last year? Tong Xi wouldn’t reject her or do anything behind her back just because of a little jealousy.
/“Ah, I didn’t buy the one I bought last time. How could I be willing to buy this?” Yan Qingcheng shook her head mockingly. She really couldn’t bear it. How could she improve her life just because she made a little money now? So lavish? As a human being, you must never forget your original intention.
“I didn’t buy mine myself.” Zhu Juntang said proudly, while taking out the cosmetics in the shopping bag one by one, and accidentally took out the shopping receipt.
The shopping receipt fluttered on the ground. Tong Xi helped to pick it up and took a look, “Wow, more than four thousand! The category of oranges seems to be similar to the ones you bought last time. How much is yours?”
Zhu Juntang glanced at Tong Xi with satisfaction. Bai Hui’s subordinate actually looked very discerning and could ask questions.
“My one, which is more than three thousand, has two items less than Xiaotang’s.” Yan Qingcheng made the comparison at a glance.
Ha ha! You have already lost! The price is lower than the original one, and the total number is also two less. Why don’t you quickly show a sad expression, “It turns out that dad only loves Tangbao and not Chengbao at all”?
Yan Qingcheng’s expression did not change.
How is this going?
Zhu Juntang looked at Yan Qingcheng in confusion, as she was introducing her experience of using these cosmetics to Tong Xi with a calm expression.
Why doesn’t she care? Doesn’t she no longer want to compete with Zhu Juntang for her father’s love?
Could it be that she realized that what she was digging was a corner reinforced by the Supreme Rudraksha Dharma, so she voluntarily gave up on this promising career as a god hoe?
“Xiaotang, who bought yours for you?” At this time, Tong Xi, who was very discerning, asked Zhu Juntang another urgent question.
“Liu Changan bought it for me.” Zhu Juntang said quickly.
“Professor Liu bought oranges, and Liu Changan bought them for you. I really envy you that one of you is taking care of you as an elder, and the other is taking care of you like an elder brother.” Tong Xi said sincerely, as a girl, who doesn’t want to have someone