, wiped his hair, and then came to the Orange Garden Community. Downstairs of An Nuan’s house, he leaned against the wall and planned to finish the orange juice first.

“Young man, are you hungry? Do you want some steamed buns?”
Liu Changan was stunned for a moment when he saw a plump woman handing over a big, warm white bun.
This is Professor Ling, An Nuan’s neighbor. Liu Changan has met him once. That was when Liu Changan and An Nuan went home holding hands and were seen by Professor Ling and Han Zhizhi.
Liu Changan took the buns over, and he happened to be a little hungry, so he ate them. It turned out to be Deyuan’s meat buns, which were fragrant, soft, white and big.
“Eat slowly, I still have some here.” Professor Ling saw that Liu Changan was eating quickly and handed another one over.
Liu Changan also answered.
“Professor Ling, thank you, no need.” Liu Changan said.
“Do you know me?” Professor Ling was surprised and couldn’t help but become a little wary. She was willing to do good deeds with good intentions, but she didn’t want to be relied on.
“I am An Nuan’s boyfriend, not a beggar. I just got into a fight with someone today and my clothes got dirty.” Liu Changan explained.
/Professor Ling looked at Liu Changan, surprised and amused at the same time, “I just said, why does this young man look familiar? Are you okay?”
“It’s okay.” Liu Changan shook his head.
“Then you go find An Nuan. An Nuan and Zhizhi are both at home.” Professor Ling nodded and stood still. She had misunderstood just now. Firstly, Liu Changan was dressed in rags, and secondly, he drank orange juice. The intoxicated look always reminded Professor Ling of the picture of a homeless man who picked up the leftover drinks from other people’s drinks bottles and drank them intoxicated against the background of fireworks.
/Liu Changan went upstairs and knocked on the door. From the corner of his eye, he saw Professor Ling standing at the foot of the stairs with his head sideways, looking around.
An Nuan came to open the door and was shocked when she saw Liu Changan, who was dressed in rags.
“What’s the matter with you?”
An Nuan saw Professor Ling standing downstairs looking around, smiled awkwardly, and quickly pulled Liu Changan into the living room and closed the door.
“We got into a fight, a black man and a white man. They said they wanted to study me. Of course I didn’t want to, so I killed them both and threw them into the well.” Liu Changan kept the story short.
“I’m going to die! My mother is at home!” An Nuan saw that Liu Changan seemed fine. As for how he fought, we can talk about it later, but we can’t let him talk nonsense here, lest her mother find someone else who she must break up with Liu Changan later. reason.
“Hi, beautiful girls.” Liu Changan greeted Zhang Taole and Han Zhizhi who were looking at her in the living room.
“Hi, Beggar Prince.” Zhang Taole said enthusiastically.
Han Zhizhi shook her head and sighed, then turned to An Nuan and asked, “Do you want me to go back and get some clothes for him to change i