s also met Shangguan Dandan twice. This little girl is not very old, but she is quite impressive.

As long as a group of people are together, she is always in the position of being admired by the stars, as if others should respect and value her as a matter of course, and always pay attention to her.
The two sentences I spoke to Qin Zisi both sounded bossy, and when I spoke to people she knew well, she also had a sense of intimacy like someone in a high position. Being close is close, but from the bottom of my heart, I regard myself as a powerful person. .
“You’ve been with Qin Yanan for so long and you haven’t found out why?” Liu Changan couldn’t help but laugh when he thought about it. Qin Yanan was naturally tight-lipped, but during the time Qin Zisi lived in her house, it was not convenient for her to play the role of a pregnant woman or to pick up an official. Dandan was probably a little depressed when he went to perform the drama of harmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
/Hearing that his intention of lying was directly exposed, Qin Zisi laughed twice, “I didn’t ask her to test her. She helped me a lot. Even sometimes she often comes to me and I don’t know what to say. I always feel that she has changed since she came to Junsha.” Pretty big.”
“You will also change after you stay in Junsha for a period of time.” Liu Changan said pointedly, “Your great-grandfather sent you sisters to Junsha one after another with good intentions. In your spare time, you might as well think about what he really wanted. What are you doing here.”
Qin Zisi couldn’t help but feel dumb. In his previous life, he had never heard of anyone from the Qin family having social contact with this little cousin. Why did he know the Qin family very well, or had some unknown close connection with his great-grandfather? ?
The little cousin spoke in an old-fashioned manner, and treated Qin Zisi as if he was the eldest brother, giving guidance to the young girl who was ignorant of the world, naive and inexperienced.
Slowly walking up the Lushan Mountain, the green color of late spring has dispelled the last trace of loneliness and haggard left in the cold season. Everywhere seems to be full of vitality, like little leaf buds emerging, fish swimming in the mountain springs that are particularly lively, and fresh green grass. What attracts the entire Lushan Mountain is no longer the fixed scenic spots, but the spring atmosphere that can be seen everywhere, dotting the mountains and rivers in bits and pieces.
Climbing to the top of the mountain, I just saw the red sun turning dim. The foothills of the mountain are not high, but they are also the tail peaks of Nanyue’s seventy-two peaks. Compared with the foothills of Dingxi in Gansu Province, which is more than a thousand kilometers to the northwest and has an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. But the reputation is much greater, which proves the old saying “the mountain is not high”.
I happened to meet Qin Yanan coming back with a burnt yellow bamboo basket, filled with mushrooms o