Chang’an looked at Qin Yanan in surprise, “Did they really misunderstand that I’m not here to play football?”

“You come to the gym alone? Do you think it’s Jingwumen?” Qin Yanan grabbed Liu Changan’s arm, “No one pays attention to the old martial arts gyms anymore. You will be beaten by a group of people as soon as you enter. Do you believe it?” Do not believe?”
“Women are so verbose.” Liu Changan pulled out his hand, Chang sighed, and tried to reason with Qin Yanan, “I have made up my mind. Even if you stop me now, I will come another time. How can you still keep it up? look at me?”
“I don’t care. I’ll keep an eye on you for a week first. I can solve this problem.” Qin Yanan said insistently.
Liu Changan stroked Qin Yanan’s hair lovingly, “You little girl, you are really as stubborn as your great-grandmother.”
/Qin Yanan opened his hand. She didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. This little cousin had probably been with his elusive great-grandfather for a long time, and he had acquired some old-fashioned demeanor. He always spoke to her like an elder. .
It can be heard that Liu Changan is very clear about many things about his great-grandmother. Of course, he himself has not been in contact with Ye Sijin. It is probably because his great-grandfather often talked to him about many things about Ye Sijin.
“You can’t see me. As soon as you close your eyes, I’ll run away without a trace.” Liu Chang’an thought of some similar scenes and waved his hand, “Stop talking nonsense, I’m just here to compete today.” . Just treat it as a spectator.”
“This is not in line with your temperament. I heard that Gao Cunyi asked you to fight with Pu Shougeng several times, but you refused. Why are you here on your own now?”
“He asked me to go, but of course I didn’t want to. But if I wanted to come, of course I would.”
“You are talking nonsense, can you talk to me properly?”
“Well, actually this is not my problem, but your problem. You have too much control.”
“I care about you!” Qin Yanan was already very angry. If this was his own brother, he would beat him so hard that he wouldn’t even recognize him!
“Thank you for your concern, but caring is meaningless. Fighting side by side is the most important, otherwise it will be nonsense that has nothing to do with you.” Liu Changan smiled slightly, just like him and Qin Peng, they had never had so much care and advice. Because they were fighting side by side on the battlefield.
“You” Qin Yanan was so angry that she was on fire. How does this person understand “care”? It seems that in his eyes, feelings such as family and friendship are probably meaningless. After all, how can family and friendship that he doesn’t care about be worth caring about and cherishing? Could it be that when he wanted to jump into the fire pit and his wife and daughter stopped him, he also felt that it only made sense to jump into the fire pit with him?
This lunatic is, after all, young, and his experience of the emotions between people is too extreme.
Of course Liu Changan is not what Qin Yanan thinks, but i