into a boy with red lips and white teeth, broke into the Ministry of Thunder and Fire Engineering, and came to see the immortal official of the Ministry of Engineering. He said: “A few days ago, there was an additional quota for becoming an immortal in Yuanshou World. The emperor said that today is the auspicious day to become an immortal. . The emperor has released the list to the world of Yuanshou, please ask the Immortal Chief to strictly control it, supervise the heavenly tribulation, and let the Qi Refiners of Yuanshou ascend.”

The Immortal Official from the Ministry of Industry asked the crane boy to take a seat and asked, “I’ve heard about this. But, why is there suddenly an extra spot for becoming an immortal?”
Xianhe Boy said: “He was an immortal under the emperor’s command. Because of a trivial matter, he offended a young master of Emperor Changsheng’s family and was accidentally beaten to death by the young master. Therefore, there is a vacant spot for an immortal.”
The Immortal Official from the Ministry of Industry leaned forward and said with interest: “Killed by mistake? Is it true or false?”
/“It was really a mistake.”
The Crane Boy sighed and said, “After being beaten to death, the immortal’s body fell into the Ten Thousand Dragons Pond and was chewed to pieces by the dragons, even the soul was eaten. There was no proof of death. Then there was one more immortal. The emperor was very good. I was angry and wanted to punish the murderer, but the other party was the son of the Emperor Changsheng, so I just let it go.”
“Well, well, that’s it.”
The Immortal Officials from the Ministry of Industry stepped back and whispered, “Has the Emperor made an explanation for this Immortal quota?”
The fairy boy smiled and said: “The emperor said that it is not easy to ascend from the lower world, it is all a bit hard, haha. This quota of becoming an immortal is prepared for all those who have overcome the tribulation, and no reservation is allowed. The emperor also ordered people to notify those in the Yuanshou world. Immortals with inheritance and dojos asked them to issue golden seals and summon their disciples to go to Kunlun together to compete fairly for the spot to become immortals.”
/The Immortal Official from the Ministry of Industry praised: “The emperor is magnanimous.”
Fairy Boy said: “Your Lei Huo Engineering Department is responsible for the world of heaven, don’t neglect it. If you have the ability to ascend, let them come up. Don’t bend the law for personal gain, otherwise the emperor will punish you.”
The Immortal Official Company of the Ministry of Industry claimed that they were sending the fairy boy out of the Ministry of Thunder and Fire, and watched the fairy boy turn into a crane and leave.
“It’s a trivial matter, but the emperor still sent someone here. It seems that I have to go there personally.” The immortal official of the Ministry of Industry shook his head, and immediately a ray of incarnation came to the world of heaven.
Although it is a ray of incarnation, it is far larger th