an must always make mistakes. In other words, Liu Changan actually didn’t care much about his dual identity being discovered, and Zhu Juntang didn’t care much either. After all, Yan Qingcheng was Liu Changan’s other stepdaughter. This was what Zhu Juntang needed to be wary of.

Looking at the whole world, whoever dares to compete with Biemei for favor will definitely head her with a goat’s head, step on her with goat’s hooves, and sit on her face with a goat’s butt!
At present, he has the first-mover advantage. He got to know Liu Changan earlier than Yan Qingcheng. Moreover, his beauty, talent, and charisma are all better, and he has deeply captured Liu Changan’s fatherly heart.
When he saw beautiful women, cute children, etc., he wanted to be their father.
But Zhu Juntang also has a disadvantage, that is, her mother is the leader of one of the most powerful evil forces in the world. She has probably done too many bad things and is not well regarded by Liu Changan. How to torture Meie? He cooperates very well with Liu Changan and tries to save his love.
Zhu Juntang knows this very well, so he has to agree to cooperate with his mother. This is the overall view. An outstanding heir to a wealthy family has no overall view and only cares about the small profits in front of him. The most he is optimistic about is his own three-acre land and control of the entire large group. That’s not possible.
Yan Qingcheng’s advantage is that her mother is being pampered now, and Yan Huaye is by Liu Changan’s side. Just now when Zhu Juntang asked Liu Changan to talk about business, the grumpy old man obviously wanted to hit the screen with his head. At the same time, Yan Huaye was leaning against Liu Changan’s There is an obvious movement of the hand.
That action was blocked by the tabletop. Maybe it was holding his other hand or something else under the tabletop to let him control his emotions? It’s just that Qin Yanan seems to have this action too.
/The sudden tacit understanding between these two women means that they have a good relationship, and neither of them avoids the fact that the other is too close to Liu Changan.
Maybe they have all been sleeping together. Zhu Juntang is very angry. Qin Yanan is indeed a traitor without principles. As long as Liu Changan likes her, she has no principles, no bottom line, no personality, and no friends!
But the two of them went to shake each other’s hand at the same time, and ended up holding each other’s hand. Wouldn’t it be awkward? Haha, men are not like women after all. A wet nurse like Qin Yanan can feed both of them at the same time if she gives birth to twins.
After laughing twice, Zhu Juntang felt bored again, and missed her grandma too.
So Zhu Juntang sent a message to Bai Hui, asking her to come and take a nap with him.
/After the video call with Zhu Juntang, Liu Changan took Yan Huaye to get to know Li Hongfang. Qin Yanan had no interest in meeting Li Hongfang and stayed at home, touching her belly to cultivate her mind and nature.
Qin Yanan feels that Li Hongfang is a b