stened too much, and it was inevitable that she would have a sense of crisis that she was too weak, so it was not impossible to form a Qin faction with her as the core.

According to the information obtained by Su Mei, Qin Yanan’s actions such as showing affection for Yan Huaye and taking care of Yan Qingcheng were all based on this mentality.
In short, that little mutton skewer with itchy skin will always do this kind of thing that stimulates powerful enemies to work hard, pay privately, and only make profits at every step. It will cause trouble for her mother and make Su Mei have to run away. In the drilling camp, as the number of people increases, everyone gets less and less to divide, and ultimately the business is bleak.
Qin Zisi himself is nothing, but since the legend of Ehuang Nv Ying, which man can’t be good at this kind of tone? Which of those emperors didn’t discover that his sister-in-law and sister-in-law were equally beautiful and brought them all into the palace?
There are countless similar examples like the Nüying of Emperor E, the Empress of Zhou Dynasty, the four sisters Zhao Feiyan, Zhao Hede, and Yang Yuhuan, and the five sisters Song Ruoxin, Song Ruozhao, Song Ruolun, Song Ruoxian, and Song Ruoxun.
There are countless emperors who have done this kind of thing, so he is also the emperor who can do this kind of thing, right?
Qin Zisi’s figure is similar to An Nuan’s, who would still dislike having too many washboards? One is used to rub clothes, and the other is used to punish kneeling, which is just right.
/“They and I are not the same person by nature. They rely on their official status and power to be arrogant and always feel that others must act according to their rules.” Li Hongfang was a little suspicious that the third wife said that she was righteous because “every time she is righteous, There is nothing wrong with the phrase “dog butcher”. Elite tomb robbers and dog butchers have the same status, and they are both first-class figures in the market.
“Now Qin Zisi must act according to my rules.” Su Mei took a piece of snow-white beef and blanched it. It felt a little greasy in the mouth, so she put down her chopsticks.
Zhang Xinhan, who had been standing silently at the dining table, quickly removed the plate with only two slices of beef, turned around and went to the kitchen to tell him never to prepare such exquisite snowflakes in the porridge-based hot pot again.
Li Hongfang felt a little regretful. What a delicious beef. If you don’t like it, don’t take it away. You can give it to Li Hongfang.
/Of course, she was just thinking about it. If it was Brother Liu across from her, she would dare to take it over to eat. If it was Brother Liu, it would be no one else’s turn to help him eat. It was a nine-inch plate with fancy presentation, but the main ingredients were just those two pieces. The thin beef is not enough to fill Brother Liu’s teeth.
“Qin Zisi came to Hunan this time because her department and I have a cooperation project on human transformation. I plan to ask you to