hangan waved his hand.

Zhu Juntang pouted and hesitated for a long time. He really regretted exposing himself too early this afternoon, so he sat on the sofa with his hands together and was angry with Liu Changan.
Qin Yanan packed up the dinner plates and walked out.
“The car was driven away.” Liu Changan said to Qin Yanan.
/“No way?” Qin Yanan walked to the window and took a look at her car, which was parked on the side of the hotel lobby.
“The one parked in front of my house.”
Only then did Qin Yanan react and glanced at Zhu Juntang seriously.
“What are you looking at me doing? Is there something that cannot be said?” Zhu Juntang was angry, and Qin Yanan’s eyes also made her unhappy.
Qin Yanan didn’t doubt Zhu Juntang or didn’t believe her, but subconsciously felt that it was best for Zhu Juntang not to get involved in this matter.
“Who did this?” Qin Yanan looked at Liu Changan.
“have no idea.”
“No matter what, let’s adjust the surveillance first. I’ll find someone to cooperate with the investigation.” Qin Yanan had no intention of calling the police. If he could direct it or get people to cooperate with the investigation without following the procedures, then of course he shouldn’t follow the procedures.
“No need, I know where the car is.” Liu Changan shook his head.
Qin Yanan was relieved, but at the same time he was a little confused about the details of the matter.
“Is it that dark car that looks like a big coffin board?” Although Zhu Juntang was angry, it was impossible for her not to get involved. She couldn’t help but ask. She had been to Liu Changan’s house many times. Yes, of course she had seen that car, and she also knew that Qin Yanan personally escorted it here when he came to Junsha in May.
Qin Yanan nodded. Let’s not talk about why the car disappeared. The most important thing is that it must be found. The car is not important. What is important is the coffin inside. Although it feels like Liu Changan has not revealed some of the secrets involved in the coffin. Tell her, but Qin Yanan can also imagine that this coffin is different from the national treasure enshrined in the museum. It is another type of national treasure that cannot be made public or open to research.
Qin Yanan’s various conditions were undoubtedly related to the coffin. She felt that even because of herself, the whereabouts of the coffin could not be unknown.
Zhu Juntang said that the car looked like a big coffin board, not because she knew there was a coffin inside. Seeing Qin Yanan’s expression, Zhu Juntang felt that it was not an ordinary armored transport vehicle, otherwise it would cost hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It’s just something worth ten thousand, so just throw it away. There’s nothing to be nervous about.
Zhu Juntang wanted to get involved even more.
“Then let’s go now?” Although Qin Yanan was concerned, he still had to respect Liu Chang’an’s opinion. Because Liu Chang’an always had the same expression, Qin Yanan couldn’t tell whether he was wise or not as usual.
/“Okay.” Liu Chang