Heavenly Will was gone!

The vastness of martial arts shattered his will and wiped away all traces of the way of heaven!
“This is the other side of martial arts.”
The Buyi Martial Emperor sank and retracted his fist, and said sadly to everyone, “Unfortunately, although I have opened up the other side of martial arts, I have never been able to completely open up this other side. My martial arts has reached the limit of what I can achieve. No more. There is no way to go forward.”
He said sadly: “I have always been inferior to the being who opened up the six other shores.”
Zhai Wuxian stepped forward and said, “What if we also break through to the realm of martial arts ascension? If one commoner Martial Emperor can’t succeed, what about ten commoner Martial Emperors?”
Emperor Shen Wu smiled and said with great pride: “Okay! I don’t believe that us martial arts masters together will not be able to compare with the existence that opened up the six other shores!”
/Wu Tianzun’s white hair trembled and he laughed loudly: “Everyone works together, their sharpness can cut through gold!”
Although Emperor Shen Wu was so heroic, there was always a shadow in his heart. He once crossed the six other shores alone, looked at these other shores, and found the traces left by that person.
It was then that he was shocked to discover that the person who opened up the six other shores was actually the same person!
To this day, he still has difficulty reaching that person’s height.
“With the combined strength of martial arts masters like us, can we keep pace with that man?” He thought silently in his heart.
Conquer the world.
The God of Heaven is like a curtain of sky, descending silently into the world of the heavens. He is not as reckless as the God of Heaven, but walks in this world first to check if there is any strong person who threatens him.
However, after some investigation, he did not find any powerful person living in seclusion here. He just smiled and said: “The sky is the sky. I am the god of the sky. I first cover the sky of this world, covering the sun, moon and stars, so that this All sentient beings in this world know what awe is!”
He did it as he thought, and immediately blinded the sky of Zhenghe World, blocking all the sun, moon and stars!
The world fell into darkness, people were panicked for a while, and the world was in chaos.
The God in the sky was enjoying himself, when suddenly he saw a three-legged golden crow fly out of the sun that was blinded by Him, stretched out its sharp claws to grab His head, opened its mouth and spit out blazing flames, and set Him on fire!
It was a female bird, extremely vicious, with chains wrapped around her body.
The god in the sky struggled hard, but was shocked to find that the three-legged golden crow was actually dragging the sun!
“I seem to have messed with someone I shouldn’t mess with.”
As soon as He thought of this, the golden crow was held in his mouth, his neck straightened, and he swallowed it into his belly!
/In the sun, Dongyue’s figure emerged, with a