ed his hand and touched his face. He lowered his head and could barely see his toes, and a string of question marks floated across his forehead.

Impossible. Can any cadre like the Eighth Prince withstand this kind of test?
“Lu, please stop here. There is a demon cultivator in the Void Refining Realm ahead of you. If anything happens to Yan’er because of your dishonesty, don’t blame me for falling out with you.” Zhu Qilan couldn’t bear it and said.
The first is to warn Lu Bei not to show off to Butler Yu, otherwise he will directly report his home address; the second is to kill the chicken to show the monkey, reminding his uncle that it is more important to save people and not to be unable to move when he sees a woman. .
Faced with the threat of disloyalty, Lu Bei acted decisively, put away his fake smile, and stood side by side with Zhu Qilan with a serious face.
Zhu Yi was dumbfounded when Lu Bei took money and did nothing, but he didn’t gain anything at all. At least he knew that the pretty boy’s surname was Lu.
This information may not be valuable to the emperor, but to the queen mother, it is worth thousands of gold.
The scorching sun hung high, and the huge sphere bloomed with light in the sky.
A white wave came at a very fast speed, ignoring the high-temperature heat waves that spread out in circles, and penetrated the crimson woven fire network.
Suddenly, the heat wave was gone and the surrounding area was cool.
Lu Bei looked at the huge sphere above his head, or rather below, and sighed that there was something about the Suzaku Portal. The place where the opportunity was located was actually an artificial star with its own gravity.
Although the area is a bit small, it is only as big as Langyu County + Jiuzhu Mountain.
/The three of them adjusted their balance and flew towards the palace below. The background was a fiery red light curtain and a land of thousands of miles of yellow sand.
The White Tiger Palace is embedded in the rock wall, with a simple and majestic atmosphere; the Qinglong Palace blends into nature and is low-key and invisible; the Xuanwu Palace is placed in the deep sea, calm and heavy.
Compared with these three palaces, the Suzaku Palace is very fancy, with crystal bricks and stones in various colors, and from a distance it looks like a colorful phoenix spreading its wings.
Zhu Qilan had no intention of caring about this. Yu Feng led Lu Bei and the two of them to the door of the hall, and took the lead straight into the depths of the hall.
Lu Bei quickly followed up, keeping a certain body distance. If a treacherous villain secretly attacked him, he could block it with his shield if he advanced within this distance, and he could leave safely if he retreated. It could be said that he had no worries.
In the main hall, there are hundreds of meters of pillars, spaced hundreds of meters apart, with several people surrounding them. At a glance, the number is incalculable.
Looking at the architectural layout of this show, one can imagine that among the four spirits, Suzaku has the