rds, trying to return to Wei Xu, but at this moment, the road suddenly went into chaos, and he immediately fell downwards, and saw Xu Ying’s big hand coming towards him.

He hurriedly connected, and the moment their palms collided, there was a buzzing sound, and four caves appeared behind Xu Ying, illuminating the Demonic Sea in an instant!
Nalandu was about to meet him, but when he saw the four caves behind Xu Ying, he couldn’t help but panic: “It’s Nuozu Cave! He is Xu Ying, not Ying Shaozong! He was the one who killed the Prison King!”
When he offered this treasure as a sacrifice, he remembered his master’s instructions. If he encountered a promise, he must not sacrifice this treasure.
However, the last time he went hunting Nuo Lu, he sneaked into the underworld, found Nuo Lu and fought fiercely, fighting Nuo Lu and both sides were injured. As a result, he was attacked by the master of Niwan Palace and suffered more injuries.
To this day, his injuries have not recovered. In this state, Xu Ying, who had the four great Nuo ancestor caves, would definitely die quickly, so he had to sacrifice the magic weapon.
No matter what, save your life first!
But when he saw a jade pool suddenly appeared behind him, with blue waves and fairy light rippling, exuding the charm of the fairy family, his magic power increased sharply!
Magic weapon, Immortal Yaochi!
The moment their palms collided, Nalandu realized that Xu Ying’s magic power was not as good as his own, and he relaxed a little: “Yes, among the six great Nuo ancestral caves, the one that enhances magic power is the Yuchi Cave. The one who is following me The giant took it away. If he gets the Yuchi and Huangting Cave to make up for the lack of magic power and spiritual consciousness, I won’t be able to hold on even with one move!”
The two palms clashed, Nalandu’s expression suddenly changed, and he felt crushed by physical power.
/Xu Ying’s power was more tyrannical than the demon god. It penetrated into his body along the palm of his hand, shaking his Xiyi Realm. The five mountains flew around, the Tianhe River stopped flowing, the Yin and Yang Qi became chaotic, and the soul was shocked. Scattered!
Even his magic weapon, the Immortal Yaochi, was shaken to the point where the blue sea was roaring with big waves!
The old wounds in his body that had not yet healed were immediately triggered by this punch, and the wounds exploded one after another!
Nalandu’s mana also invaded Xu Ying’s body in an instant, causing great damage, but the next moment he was healed by the vitality emanating from Niwan Palace Dongtian!
Nalandu vomited blood, grunted, and immediately took the opportunity to use all his strength to rise into the air and rush towards the sky!
Xu Ying also felt how powerful Nalandu was. He was definitely a strong man at the level of a fisherman. He also had a treasure in hand, so it was not advisable to fight head-on.
“But how come this treasure of his seems to be destined to me?”
/Xu Ying screamed and thundered, staggering on the sea surface, his sl