on, and the cloud of tribulation will envelope the entire Yuanshou world!

Either he ascends, or the world of Yuanshou collapses and disintegrates!
This is the main reason why Xu Ying said that he is a single man, and they will hold all sentient beings to survive the calamity!
This is a crazy plan that will most likely fail. But a conversation with Chongxiao made them realize the feasibility of this plan.
Zhong Xiao said that when he went to the immortal world, he promised to fight against two hundred and sixty-seven overlapping catastrophes with his own strength!
Zhong Xiao also said that the power of Tiandao artifacts has an upper limit.
/The power of two hundred and sixty-seven overlapping heavenly tribulations and three thousand overlapping heavenly tribulations should be the same, and it is impossible to increase it, so it is possible to survive the super heavenly tribulation!
“If Brother Xu cannot control the heavenly tribulation, then the only way for us to overcome the tribulation is to overcome the tribulation for the whole world. If we take this path, we must take back my Nine Cauldrons of Great Zhou.”
Emperor Zhou looked at Jiang Qi and said, “Jiuding is in the hands of Xianyang Dufu. This man is powerful and unpredictable. It is not easy to deal with him.”
Jiang Qidao: “His purpose is to hijack the world of Yuanshou to overcome the catastrophe. One person’s wisdom is comparable to ours. But fortunately, he is only one person, and it is not difficult to plot against him.”
Emperor Zhou smiled.
At that time, he led the soldiers of the Great Zhou Dynasty to the other side to collect elixirs. As a result, the Great Zhou Dynasty declined. The later emperors of the Great Zhou Dynasty did not have the strength to dominate the world, so that the country of the Great Zhou Dynasty was not protected and fell into war.
Zulong took this opportunity to rise up, put an end to the Great Zhou Dynasty, annexed other countries, unified the world, and seized Jiuding, which was originally an important part of Haojing.
Therefore, if Xu Ying cannot control the Heavenly Tribulation, there will be a battle between Emperor Zhou and Zulong!
Unknowingly, more than ten days had passed, and Outer God Zhongxiao stood up and said: “Xu Ying, I have nothing to pass on to you. Today, I will leave Haojing, and everyone will go on their own way.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Although you have nothing to teach me, I have the Heavenly Dao runes that I can teach you. Your Heavenly Dao runes are not complete yet, and I can help you fill in many missing runes.”
Waishen Zhongxiao hesitated for a moment and sighed: “If I accept your favor, how should I face my dead colleagues and comrades? What’s more, you are a great evil person. If I accept your favor, wouldn’t I be complicit?”
Xu Ying clenched his fists, and veins appeared on his forehead. After a while, the veins slowly disappeared and his fists gradually stretched.
Xu Ying exhaled a breath and said: “I will try to master the heavenly tribulation, help Emperor Zhou survive the tribu