ht.” Liu Changan continued to put the beef sprinkled with rock salt and pepper into the vegetable leaves and ate it.

Qin Yanan still cuts with a knife and fork.
Liu Changan glanced at it and looked away.
Qin Yanan had some emotions in her heart and made some big moves.
Of course, she was not in the mood to carefully select her tattooed breasts. It was just a vest that was soft and lightly wrapped at home, so when she used her hands hard, there was naturally some movement.
/Qin Yanan saw Liu Changan glance at him and looked away. The movements of his hands stopped for a moment, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curled up.
Someone who can consciously look away must have a clean heart. Even if he saw a lot last night, he didn’t have the mentality of taking advantage of her and being obscene. If he hadn’t done it for observation, I’m afraid it really wasn’t Someone who will take a second look.
There are very few such men now, but if you meet one, what’s so incredible about it? In Zhu Juntang’s words, since I am a fairy and God loves me so much, isn’t it natural to encounter all the miraculous beauty?
“Here you go.” Qin Yanan cut a piece of beef and put it on Liu Changan’s plate.
Liu Changan looked at the piece of beef, then at Qin Yanan, then chewed it slowly.
Qin Yanan smiled. For women, in fact, many times they really comfort themselves that “they won’t lose a piece of flesh.” When they accidentally or the other person is someone they don’t reject and they are taken advantage of, they won’t really I mind very much, but if the other person has a dirty mind, it will be difficult to accept it.
“Call me if you have anything.” After Liu Changan finished eating, he went to clean up the mess he made in the living room last night, and said to Qin Yanan, who was still sitting in the dining room eating slowly.
“Do you want me to see you off? Wait a moment while I change clothes.” Qin Yanan stood up.
“No, I’m just running.”
“Okay, bye.” Qin Yanan waved goodbye with a fork.
After watching Liu Changan leave, Qin Yanan slowly put down the knife and fork, biting the beef between his lips and teeth, then stood up and returned to the living room to look at the computer.
Liu Changan didn’t do anything lewd to her, and he didn’t have any bad intentions towards her, but Qin Yanan was sure that he wasn’t just observing last night.
This is a woman’s intuition.
Otherwise, why would he say that she would never sleepwalk again in the future? Just like his special protection and concern for Ye Sijin, Qin Yanan could not understand it. Qin Yanan also very wisely chose not to question Liu Changan.
When a woman faces a man, she always needs some special wisdom, willful questioning, relentless pursuit of the truth, and stubborn persecution, which makes her look stupid.
Qin Yanan has the reserve she possesses as a smart woman. Of course, such a woman will exude a feeling of “it’s easy to get along with her” intentionally or unintentionally. Qin Yanan doesn’t want Liu Chang’an to have the feeling that “my cousin is like An Nu