equires mobilizing Jiang Gong’s secret treasure.

Without strong mental strength, practicing Biluo Fu will lead to heart failure and death!
When he fought with Guo Xiaodie, he realized that the power in Guo Xiaodie’s physical body was ridiculously strong, which should be the function of Jianggong’s secret treasure.
Seeing his frown, Guo Xiaodie couldn’t help but feel proud and said with a smile: “Jiangong is located in the ventricle of the heart, hidden in the atrium. The heart is the source of power, so Jianggong contains the power of the heart. The reason why our Guo family has so many brave and wise generals is that It’s because of your extraordinary mental strength. If you haven’t opened the secret treasure of Jiang Palace, even if you get my Guo family’s Biluo Fu, you still won’t be able to master this technique!”
She laughed: “And I gained sword control for nothing!”
She lowered her head and tried to figure out the 200-word sword-controlling technique. She stared at her eyes for a long time. After a long time, her chest turned red. She said angrily: “Is this a scripture written by a human? I can’t understand it at all!”
Yuan Weiyang smiled and thought: “This is a scripture co-written by me and King Xu Yao. He and I strive to be concise and precise. Every word contains the mystery of swordsmanship, almost Tao. There is no such thing as It’s strange to have understanding.”
Xu Ying read “Bi Luo Fu” and saw that the mental method of Bi Luo Fu first refines the heart, takes the heart as the source, and refines the heart like elixir. The ventricle of the heart is like a furnace, with six orifices in the heart, which are the six vents of the furnace. Explode powerful physical power!
The purity of this physical power is infinitely superior to the Xiangli Niu Demon Fist. It is also more advanced than the Ba Snake cultivator. The Zhou family’s Vajra Indestructible Body should also be far inferior. It is a superior physical method!
/The technique of Bi Luo Fu is to imagine the blue sky, and use the changes in the sun, moon, stars, sky, wind and clouds to practice the hidden scene, thus gaining great power.
However, not opening Jianggong’s secret treasure and forcing cultivation is asking for death.
“It’s not difficult to practice Bi Luo Fu, but if you don’t have the mental energy to practice it forcefully, the hidden dangers are huge.” Xu Ying closed Bi Luo Fu and planned to return the scroll to Guo Xiaodie.
The sound of the big bell came and said: “A Ying, you are now a qigong practitioner in the knocking stage. You have ascended to the first level of the sky. Your mental strength is strong enough. Even if you don’t open the secret treasure of Jiang Palace, you should not be able to practice this skill. hinder.”
Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly and he read Bi Luo Fu again.
/Guo Xiaodie put away the Sword Control Technique and said with a smile: “Don’t look at it, you won’t be able to learn it even if you look at it. Let’s jump into the lake and see what the origin of these flesh and blood is!”
She jumped into