there. Seeing that there is no possibility of you being refined to death, I feel relieved.”

Wei Xu had a fierce look on his face and said, “You see that there is no possibility for me to escape, so you can leave with peace of mind?”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor shook his head and said: “I am your senior brother, why do I treat you like this? It’s just that in the immortal world, my brother is not the only one in the family. There are many people who influence me and prevent me from saving you. You are my junior brother, if I rescue you You are the one who really hurt you. They are worried that if you and my fellow apprentices join forces, they will not allow you to live. You can only have a chance of survival if you are suppressed under the immortal tomb in the sea of ??immeasurable fire.”
Wei Xu sneered. He didn’t believe a word of what his senior brother said.
“Senior brother, you were more promising than me back then, but I still didn’t expect that the person sitting on the throne of the Immortal Emperor would be you.”
/Wei Xu said with emotion, “There were many people who had more hope of sitting on this position than you back then. At that time, you had not yet reached the Supreme Realm. The position of Supreme Immortal Emperor will not fall on your butt no matter how you look at it.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor smiled and said, “I’m always one step ahead of others, so it’s no big deal to sit in this seat.”
Wei Xu was silent for a moment and said: “It is true that you have a deeper mind than others and do more calculations than others. However, you work too hard on divine arithmetic, which in turn delays your cultivation. That’s why the teacher said you were distracted. Let me get you back on track.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor didn’t take it seriously and said, “I have cultivated to the Supreme Realm. Isn’t that the right path?”
Wei Xu sneered and said, “Whether it’s the right path or not, you know better than me.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor did not argue with him and said with a smile: “We won’t talk about this today, let’s talk about business.”
Wei Xu said solemnly, “Are you finally going to attack me? I just escaped from the hands of my junior brother, and now I’m about to die in the hands of my senior brother. It’s such an unlucky time, and the retribution is not good. I probably got this retribution because I killed too many people that year.”
The Immortal Emperor was surprised: “Junior brother?”
Wei Xu was also shocked and said suspiciously: “It’s Xu Ying. Isn’t he my junior brother?”
/The Supreme Immortal Emperor shook his head and smiled: “Of course Xu Ying is not your junior brother. Junior Brother Wei, don’t think nonsense.”
Wei Xu frowned fiercely. The Immortal Emperor asked him not to think wildly, but he just kept thinking. Xu Ying’s cultivation path is the same as Qingxuan’s, so there must be some unknown connection here!
When the Immortal Emperor saw this, his face darkened, and he seemed to exude a murderous aura intentionally or unintentionally, and said calmly: “Don’t interfe