vel technique was not created by Lord Xuhuang Daojun, but a foreign technique copied by him.” Dazhong said cautiously.

But, why can’t Master Xuhuang Daojun and the others come back?
How are they doing on the other side?
Taoist Yuqing smiled and said: “The other shore is a place that countless people dream of. They must live an extremely comfortable life there, living with the Tao, traveling with the Tao, and envying many people. Therefore, they are so happy that they do not want to return.”
All the gods of heaven and earth laughed one after another and said: “That’s right. They don’t even have time to correspond with us. They can only take advantage of Xu Daoyou’s ascension to compile a letter for Xu Daoyou to bring back.”
As the souls of heaven and earth, they are formed by the great avenues of heaven and earth in the dojo, and they do not have much selfishness. What he was thinking about was how to fulfill the entrustment of Xuhuang Daojun and others and spread the skills on the green rock.
/Xuhuang said, “The most suitable person to take over this job is undoubtedly the person who has studied the Dao patterns the most. The Supreme Creation, the Immortal Emperor, the Holy Lord and others are undoubtedly the people who have studied the most deeply, but they are also the most selfish. They get Cui Yan, will definitely be able to decipher the content recorded in the Dao pattern, but it will never be passed on to others. Therefore, we need to find someone who is not so selfish and who is proficient in the Dao pattern system.”
Taiqing Taoist smiled and said: “This person is Taoist friend Xu promised. He is extremely knowledgeable and has restored the great ways of heaven and earth in the dojos of our major ancestral courts. His Taoist practices are extremely high. His attainments in Taoist patterns are comparable to those of the Supreme Masters.” , Wonderful Realm.”
Everyone left Cuiyan in the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Court and walked out, saying: “He just transcended the tribulation and ascended, and was sent back by Dao Lord. Without further delay, we will find him as soon as possible!”
They came to the foot of the fusang tree, but there was no sign of Xu Ying.
“Master Dao will follow the trajectory of his ascension and send him back along the same path. He should return to the exact place where he ascended.”
Emperor Xu speculated, “It must be that after he ascended back, the disciples of the Holy Lord were worried about his safety and moved him.”
Everyone nodded slightly, and Taoist Yuxu said: “But where will the holy disciple transfer him?”
Lou Mingyu left quickly with Xu Ying, flying under the stars and chasing the moon, speeding like lightning, thinking: “No one can stop me from becoming the protector of the new Taoist ancestors!”
/At that time, Lord Xuhuang Daodao went to contact the gods of heaven and earth. The Supreme Creation, the Immortal Emperor, the Demon Ancestor and others were all on their way, so he took the opportunity to transfer Xu Ying to avoid being captured by the Immortal Emperor.