“I didn’t chase Cuiyan with Daozu and the others. Could it be that it was the right choice?” Empress Ziwei said with a smile.
Xu Ying reminded him kindly and said: “Your Majesty has forgotten? After Cuiyan flew away, Tao weeping broke out, and then there was the Qingxuan uprising. You were defeated and demoted, and became the queen master. Later, you were killed. The situation may be worse than following Cuiyan to the other side. After all, Buddha and the others are still alive, while His Majesty is a corpse.”
Yuan Weiyang quietly pulled the hem of his clothes, signaling him to stop talking.
Empress Ziwei’s face was covered with frost and she said, “I’m going out for a walk.”
He walked far away, took out a small notebook, and with trembling hands, wrote dozens of “zheng” characters after Xu Ying’s name.
Yuan Weiyang whispered: “Ah Ying, you speak too directly, which makes Emperor Ai so angry.”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “So, do you like the hypocritical me or the straightforward me?”
Yuan Weiyang smiled and said: “I like everything about you.”
Hearing this, the big bell clanged against the head of the Bone Dragon.
Pulled by two ascending rays of light, the golden ship flew along its keel, getting closer and closer to the world of immortals. When we got here, there were basically no stowaways, because the gel material was too thick, and it was difficult to pass through such a thick barrier without the ascending rays of light.
Xu Ying unconsciously thought of the situation where monk Ji Jue was frozen in the darkness, and thought to himself: “I wonder if Ji Jue has practiced a new way? If he had practiced a new way, he would probably be promoted to the world of immortals. But in this world of immortals, What does it look like?”
Judging from Qin Daoquan’s notes, there were three green rocks that attacked the three realms that year, and they fell on the three realms of heaven, earth and man.
The green rock in the human world almost completely destroyed the human world, forming the dark world. The impact on the Earthly Immortal Realm was not great, it just split the Earthly Immortal Realm into pieces and formed all the heavens and worlds.
What about the fairy world?
What impact will it have if it hits the green rock in the Immortal Realm?
/The Celestial Immortal Realm should be where the Dragon Court is. The Dragon Court moved to the Earth Immortal Realm and was buried in the sky sea of ??Yuanshou World. At that time, the Celestial Immortal Realm should be full of Dragon Immortals. How do they survive this upheaval?
Finally, the golden ship that crossed the world carried them to the huge gap in the heavenly world. When the Cuiyan penetrated the Celestial Realm, it fell all the way from this gap to the human world, causing great damage.
Xu Ying ascended twice, but after arriving here, he was robbed by the ascending glow on the other side.
Pulled by two rising rays of rays of light, the golden ship flew through the gap slowly and finally sailed into the world of immortals.
/What caught their