th the giant hammer, and not falling behind!

After all, Wu Chen Daojun is a true saint from the other side, not a new saint who immigrated from other worlds. His body is as powerful as the ancient gods, and he is invincible in close combat.
Although Hong Xi was also in the form of Huan, he was not a true saint. He was a little inferior to him. He was soon beaten by the wizard Taojun until he vomited blood!
At this moment, another figure suddenly came to kill them, cut into the battlefield, and activated the fire from the sky to burn towards the two of them at the same time!
“Pan Yan, you also want to take advantage?” Wu Chen and Hong Xi were furious and attacked Daojun Pan Yan at the same time!
There was a melee between the three parties, and suddenly Dao Lord Qingzai came in a cloud chariot. He offered thousands of magic weapons from afar, trying to include everyone in the formation and catch them all in one fell swoop.
The three of them were each severely wounded, and for a moment they were unable to withstand Daojun Qingzai’s Nine Palaces Supreme Killing Tribulation!
/However, before Taojun Qingzai succeeded, suddenly Gu Daochan and Xiu Huixian came in from a flank, one on the left and the other on the right. The two women took out a palm, and the cloud chariot was annihilated. Taojun Qingzai in the chariot hurriedly separated his hands to meet the two women. .
He groaned, vomited blood, and fell from the air.
Gu Daochan and Xiu Huixian’s eyes were shining brightly as they rushed down. The two female Taoist monarchs had reached an agreement and would attack together to wipe out all the powerful enemies in this place!
The two girls rushed over, but before they entered the battlefield, two true kings suddenly came to block them, and killed them without any explanation.
/The two girls were shocked and angry: “King Sikou Zhen, King Zhu Xiaozhen, you are seeking your own death!”
King Sikou Zhen laughed and said: “Who said that only Dao Lords can compete for Dao Master-level skills, but true kings cannot compete?”
Zhu Xiao looks like a bird-man with bird wings, human body and beak, and his body is vast. He smiled strangely and said: “If the Tao Lord wins, the True King will also win!”
The two sides fought in a melee and killed each other.
At this time, several more true kings and ordinary immortal realm beings arrived and fell into a melee.
Suddenly Taojun Panyan was severely injured and shouted loudly: “Everyone, we are killing each other here, and we don’t know whether the main method is true or false. If the kid named Xu wrote a false scripture, wouldn’t he be dead? Unjustly accused?”
While everyone was fighting, they secretly glanced at the cliff where Xu Ying had written, and saw that the scriptures on the cliff were truly mysterious and unpredictable. Every word and every sentence contained unfathomable and profound truths!
If this is not the true scripture, then to what extent can the true scripture be so wise?
For a time, the fighting became more brutal.
“Everyone, we have been affected by the