les and riddled with holes.

Taiyuan Taoist tried to sacrifice the spiritual whip, but he felt that the supply of magic power was not enough. He was promised to be close to him, and there was simply no way to survive. There was no chance to sacrifice the magic weapon.
He no longer hesitated, the soul grabbed him and fled outside the Tiandao dojo.
Xu Ying turned into a rainbow light and quickly caught up with him. The two of them separated even after a slight touch. Taoist Taiyuan spat out blood and fell down.
/Immediately, the two men rose into the air and collided again. Taiyuan Taoist staggered, and suddenly used his spiritual light whip desperately to attack behind Xu Ying.
Xu Ying flew away, and the kite turned over and landed on the long whip. He punched it several times, shattering the mark left by Taoist Taiyuan in the long whip.
Taoist Taiyuan had already taken the opportunity to escape and gradually went away.
Xu Ying mobilized his magic power and tried his best to raise the spiritual light whip. He felt that the spiritual light whip had absorbed all his magic power in an instant. The whip shook like a long dragon, tearing through time and space!
The next moment, Taiyuan Taoist thousands of miles away suddenly exploded in aura!
“The power of Lord Long’s soul is really too strong!”
It took a while for Xu Ying to come to his senses, and he wanted to give him another whipping, but to his surprise, all his magic power had been consumed.
The power of this spiritual whip was really terrifying. Xu Ying almost pressed down on Taoist Taiyuan and beat him, but still failed to beat him to death. However, Taoist Taiyuan was whipped and exploded!
“This treasure is more powerful than any supreme magic weapon I have seen before!”
The big dragon flew over quickly and said happily: “Ah Ying, give me my whip quickly! With this whip, I can break the seal of the Bone Dragon!”
/Xu Ying handed the aura whip to him. Dalong was about to refine it when he caught a glimpse of Xu Ying. He hesitated again and handed the aura whip back to him, saying: “You should use this whip first to deal with Ming Ming.” Please give it back to me later.”
He knew that the duel between Xu Ying and Ming Zun was coming, and he was worried that Xu Ying didn’t have a weapon at his disposal. Even though the spiritual whip was part of his soul, he reluctantly gave up on her.
Xu Ying shook his head and smiled: “Master Long, I’m not used to using magic weapons. At this point in my cultivation, whether I use magic weapons or not, the difference is actually not big.”
This is not an exaggeration.
Although there was an element of opportunism in his battle with Taiyuan Taoist, the result of this battle would have been the same even if Taiyuan Taoist had not used his magical power incorrectly.
For Xu Ying, it would be better to leave his cultivation behind to protect himself.
Dalong heard this and said, “Just now you showed up to the Dao Scenery. Have you already cultivated to the Dao Scenery?”
Xu Ying nodded lightly: “I just entered the Dao Scener