Queen Mother does not want to do nothing every day. She wants to have a normal working or studying life like others. Buying a vending machine is the key to realizing the Queen Mother’s positive attitude towards life!

As for not doing much business after buying the vending machine because it was too troublesome, that is another matter. Anyway, Shangguan Dandan already has a normal working environment and content.
“Why don’t you go to school? Qin Peng sent you here, so he should help with the identity information and the like.” Liu Changan thought for a while and said.
Speaking of Shangguan Dandan being sent by Qin Peng, Liu Changan remembered that when he first met Li Hongfang, Li Hongshan said that there was a strange phenomenon in the world where the living coffin was. The living coffin was originally at Qin Peng’s place, so Li Hongfang Even if he discovered the strange phenomena of heaven and earth, he would not dare to take any action.
Now think about it, Li Hongfang was able to discover a ghost’s vision of heaven and earth, but it was just her habit of making up stories. She didn’t expect that when they first met, Li Hongfang should have felt that she would be killed by Liu Changan at any time, but she actually dared to make up stories there. The story is nonsense.
Liu Changan smiled and shook his head.
/“Are you going to carry me to school on your back every day?” Shangguan Dandan frowned. He would definitely not agree to go to school, but if he was willing to send her to school like this, the Queen Mother still appreciated this attitude.
“You can dream.” Liu Changan is not her pony carriage. “Zhou Dongdong only dreams about riding a dog to school. Kindergarten and elementary school students may occasionally be carried or carried to school. How old are you? ?”
“If you carry me to school every day, it’s not impossible for me to walk around the neighborhood, drink some water and rest before going back. Since you are not willing to carry me, why should I go to school? If going to school is fun, Why is Xiaotang so resistant? She even committed suicide to not go to school.” Shangguan Dandan shook his head and sighed, Dongdong should have been more innocent and lively, but he was forced to go to school every day, so he was pitiful.
Liu Changan did not expect that not only Shangguan Dandan could emit the light of wisdom and pollution to influence others, but Zhu Juntang could also bite Shangguan Dandan back. They were truly the same.
“You walk faster, you are walking like this. By the time you find the fox parasitized by my hair, it will be dawn.” Shangguan Dandan pinched Liu Changan hard with his two calves and shouted loudly, “Oh! !”
/Liu Changan wanted to hit her with his backhand, but he was holding the chain saw in one hand and holding her butt with the other. It was not convenient for him to raise his hand to hit her, so he grabbed it. Shangguan screamed in pain, then he speeded up and jumped down. He jumped off the road and disappeared into the forest.
In the southern Hunan Province, there is a land