The reason why he didn’t let Andrew Knight accompany him before was because he was chatting with two friends. It might be a little embarrassing for Andrew Knight to participate rashly.
But during the meal, David needed to cultivate his relationship with Andrew Knight. Dining together was the fastest way to friendship.
“Yes, I’ll ask Knight Andrew to come over!” Butler Jason exhaled softly and said.
Knight Andrew is the last knight of the Luce family. If David cannot have a good relationship with Knight Andrew, then this last knight may leave the Luce family.
Knight Andrew came over quickly. After entering, he bowed to several people in the restaurant before sitting down at the end.
When the servants carried the distributed dishes and placed them in front of everyone, several people’s faces showed expressions of awakening.
The relationship between Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, Priest Forbes and David was good. They relaxed in front of delicious food and did not pay too much attention to etiquette.
The two of them swept away their dishes as quickly as possible, even the plates could be cleared.
Only Knight Andrew couldn’t let go. Although he often appeared intoxicated during meals, he soon sobered up and worked hard to maintain the cultivation of a knight.
/“Baron Arthur, if it weren’t for the urgent pursuit from the temple, I would have stayed with you for a few more days!” Priest Forbes said with a smile after finishing the meal.
“Yes, after eating your dishes, how can I eat ordinary food after I go back!” Minister Gershwin nodded.
“But we agreed, if you stay for a few days, I will prepare dishes for you for a few days!” David answered with a smile.
“Great!” Minister Gershwin said with a smile.
After lunch, Butler Jason took the two of them to their residence. Only David and Andrew Knight were left in the restaurant.
“Knight Andrew, come with me to the Temple of Wealth tomorrow to get some divine gold coins!” David explained to Knight Andrew.
“Yes, Lord Baron!” Knight Andrew bowed and responded.
David is not used to the etiquette of the divine world. He is not familiar with the etiquette here, but to live here, he must understand these. After getting the divine gold coins, he is going to ask the etiquette teacher to give him some guidance.
After many days of sailing, and riding horses from Jianmo City, they still took a rest after lunch.
David was also led by a maid to the master bedroom. Except for the new bedding, all the furniture and furnishings here were antique.
It can be said that it has aristocratic background, or it can be said that the furniture has not been updated for a long time.
David waved the maid to leave. He pushed open the balcony door of the master bedroom and came to the balcony.
From this balcony, you can see most of the castle and the scenery outside the castle in the distance.
David didn’t want to look at the scenery. Finally, no one would disturb him, so he called the shadow attendant over.
He put one hand on Shadow Warrior’s shoulder, and his mind entered Sh