on to generation. There will be no problems!” Manager Claude assured loudly and excitedly.

“Tell me about the output of Qiya Manor!” David asked as he walked.
“The main output of Qinya Manor is the lotus seeds from Qinya Lake. There is a kind of lotus called heart-warming lotus growing on Qin-ya Lake. This lotus blooms once every season and produces lotus seeds. Heart-warming lotus seeds are the most popular dessert on the aristocratic table. Top-quality ingredients, each season’s output can provide the manor with an income of about 100,000 divine gold coins!” Steward Claude bowed and replied.
David is very satisfied with this income situation. The Luce family finally has a stable source of income.
Probably when Charlie gave away the villa and manor, he thought of giving David a stable source of income. The poverty of the Luce family was no secret.
“Are there no other outputs except heart-warming lotus?” David continued to ask.
“There are also some crops that can only guarantee self-sufficiency, and the high-quality crops among them are also prepared for the family and are not sold to the outside world!” Manager Claude replied.
/David and Steward Claude walked all the way along a straight and flat rock road to a wooden two-story building.
“This is the master building. Sometimes the adults of the Main family come over for vacation and live here!” Steward Claude introduced David.
David nodded and walked into the building. The building did not have the luxury of villas in the city, but more of a primitive flavor.
Of course, you can still see the application of a large number of patterns in the details, making the two floors also full of alchemical items.
David came to the yard behind the building. Sitting here, he could see the Lake Qiya that Steward Claude mentioned.
The green lake surface is like a mirror, and the white clouds in the sky are reflected clearly on the lake surface, as if they are spread on the lake surface.
Green lotus leaves and lotus flowers of various colors floated on the lake. A gust of wind brought the moisture of the lake water and the fragrance of lotus flowers.
/David walked to the lake, where a water step was made with waterproof wood, which can be used as both a dock and a swimming pool.
He reached out and took some water from the lake, and he actually felt very light energy in the lake water.
Of course, being able to feel this extremely light energy is because David’s spirit, which is infinitely close to 9 o’clock, senses it.
This extremely light energy is somewhat similar to the energy emitted by the bones of the battle angel in David’s body. They are both life energy, but the life energy of the lake water is too weak.
“Perhaps this is why Heart Lotus has become a top dessert ingredient. Long-term consumption of Heart Lotus will naturally have the effect of extending life!” David thought to himself.
Not to mention the effects of Heart-Warming Lotus, regular soaking in this lake will have great benefits for the skin. It is much safer than those cosmetics and essentially im