energy he obtained this time is enough to resurrect so many sky knights.

Although David was thinking this, the smile on his face did not diminish at all.
“This is really a happy trouble. How can we use the twenty-five sky knights?”
David’s eyes glanced at the four space rings thrown aside. These four space rings were obtained by him outside the world of Plague God Gladstone. He remembered that when he rescued Lord Gould, he found something on the ground. The four space rings were swept away casually.
/He really had no idea about the four space rings, and it was just a habitual behavior at that time.
As a man who had experienced many battles and was used to collecting trophies, David took away the four space rings without thinking.
At that time, David did not associate these four space rings with Lord Gould, because David had never seen anyone with space rings on his body except himself.
At this moment, David looked at the four space rings and had some guesses in his mind.
/He stretched out his hand, and four space rings were taken out from the space pendant and appeared in his palm.
These four space rings are extraordinary from the look of their styles. Are the owners of these four space rings really them?
David thought in his mind, and he used the power of blood to open one of the space rings. When he saw it, he saw a familiar figure, which was the body of Lord Ferdinand.
After how long, Lord Ferdinand’s space ring was in his hand, and Lord Ferdinand’s body was in the space ring.
The black armor on Lord Ferdinand was actually intact.
David’s mind swept over and found the wounds on Lord Ferdinand’s body. To cause such fatal injuries, the black armor would definitely be destroyed.
“Is this a piece of armor with the ability to repair itself?” he thought in his mind.
Although David didn’t know whether there was self-repairing equipment in the divine world, he had seen it in the Interstellar Federation. One of his own ‘exoskeleton armors’ had a small degree of self-repairing ability.
As long as the internal equipment is not damaged, the external armor can be repaired by itself.
David’s attention moved away from Lord Ferdinand’s body, and he looked at the light sword next to him that shone with pale golden light.
Even though David has a fifth-level ax blade, the ax blade is not a real fifth-level weapon. It has the sharpness of a fifth-level weapon, but does not have the defensive capabilities of a fifth-level weapon.
Besides, he is now a knight, and the weapon he uses is normally a sword. The fifth-level light sword can better bring out the knight’s combat power.
In addition to this fifth-level light long sword, there are two fourth-level heavy swords, a fourth-level shield, and the rest are some treatment and recovery potions.
It is also conceivable that Lord Ferdinand is fighting the Plague God Gladstone this time, and it is impossible for him to come out with useless things.
It is estimated that Lord Ferdinand has made arrangements in case he dies in battle, and the items in the space ring that are