thought that he was my master after all and was kind to me, so I put this cup of tea here.

Xu Ying looked at the place where the signature was written, which read “Leaved by the owner of Niwan Palace”.
Xu Ying was slightly startled, and suddenly felt a fuzzy feeling in his heart. He looked at the cup of tea he had put aside.
The big bell was shot away by an arrow again, and its body was covered with small bumps and bumps. He shouted: “Aying, are you okay? I can’t hold on anymore!”
Xu Ying calmed down and threw out the cup of tea!
Suddenly, the color of the sky and the earth changed, and the water in the cup turned into a torrent, flying in the sky, stimulating the power of the ancient fierce weapons. Those ferocious soldiers were flying in the torrent, and the torrent rotated, pulling up all the ferocious soldiers and spinning them around the corpse of the female fairy!
The ancient fierce weapons seemed to be held in the hands of a giant with hundreds of arms and hundreds of faces. They used all kinds of mysterious moves to attack the corpse of the female fairy!
Knowing that her life was at stake, the corpse of the female fairy no longer cared about fighting against the divine weapon of heaven. She stood up and screamed again and again. The fairy light burst out all over her body, extremely bright, and she fought with all her strength!
Xu Ying and Da Zhong were forced to retreat continuously by the terrifying power. Da Zhong protected him and were crushed on the jade stone that flew to the ground. Each of them was horrified.
Suddenly, the fairy’s defense was broken, and the water washed away pieces of ancient evil weapons, and penetrated into her body along the eyes, ears, mouth and nose of the fairy!
The female fairy’s body trembled violently, and suddenly all her flesh and blood melted away, leaving only a tall white skeleton standing there!
Then, the white bones also shattered!
/The fierce weapons fell to the ground and were stuck on the ground. Suddenly, they were broken into pieces one after another. Only one stone ax was too strong and survived, but its power was not as strong as before.
That day, the Dao Divine Weapon was also eroded to pieces. It flew up unsteadily and flew through the sky along with the ascending rays of light.
The big bell fell with the promise, and each person fell to the ground one bell at a time, unable to get up.
“A Ying, the injury I suffered today can’t be healed with 50% of my energy and blood!” Dazhong shouted.
Xu Ying composed himself, stood up unsteadily, and murmured: “Since the master of Niwan Palace is a giant, why is the skeleton on top of the giant creature so small?”
/He was confused.
Will such a powerful person really die in the hands of Zhou Qiyun?
Xu Ying felt terrified, calmed down, and sorted out the causes and consequences.
Zhou Qiyun tracked the strange snake and accidentally entered the Qinyan Cave. He was extremely smart and followed the aura of the owner of Niwan Palace to find the stone chamber in the stone wall, and obtained the inherit