his time I would avoid disaster, but what would happen would be such a sinister scene!

The Holy Lord frowned and said: “The speed of the collapse of the world on the other side is beyond our imagination. Now we can only leave the other side and return to the Three Realms! Do you have a boat?”
Qingxuan took out a green rock boat and said with a smile: “Xu Daozu gave me one as a gift.”
The two boarded the building boat and were about to leave when suddenly a figure fell from the sky and landed between them.
“Holy Lord, Qingxuan, you can’t leave yet! You have the cause and effect of the other side, and you will achieve enlightenment in various ways on the other side! If the cause and effect are not eliminated, disaster will surely catch up with you!”
The person who came was none other than Xu Ying. He put his palms on their shoulders and the three of them sat cross-legged.
“I will use the Avenue of Nirvana to resolve your misfortunes, and maybe I can save your lives!”
In the distance, Gong Jiexuan had just left seclusion and looked at the chaos on the other side with a pale face. Many deceased Taoist masters were attacking Cen Xizi in the distance.
/“Girl, the disaster on the other side has broken out, and the great road of heaven and earth has fallen into silence.” Hai Ningzi came behind her and said softly.
“I know.”
Gong Jiexuan looked a little sad, turned around and bowed to Hai Ningzi, Yuxizi and others, and said with tears, “Thank you for your protection these days, seniors, so that I can cultivate Hongmeng Taoist Master at the last moment.”
Hainingzi and Yuxizi accepted her worship calmly.
Yuxizi smiled and said: “Girl, you still have a chance of survival. If you get rid of the other Hongmeng Dao Master, you can survive. As for us, we have no such hope.”
/Although Hai Ningzi is the master of the Taoist Tribulation Luck, he is very free and easy, and said with a smile: “But we can help the girl, kill the master of the Hongmeng Taoist, and fight for this glimmer of life for the girl!”
Gong Jiexuan felt a little complicated when she thought of Xu Ying, but she still nodded silently.
At the same time, Heaven Realm, the top of Shenglang Peak.
A sword light and a sword light spread across the sky and the earth, one horizontally and one vertically, splitting the great avenue of heaven and earth in the heaven.
The sword energy and sword energy are criss-crossing, maintaining the state of the rift between heaven and earth, but within the sword marks and sword marks, there is an incomparably majestic Tao power surging in the void, oppressing the sword marks and sword marks!
The killing energy on the other side is getting stronger and stronger, making the two killing Dao masters seem more relaxed than ever before, which is enough to fight against the revival of the Dao in the heaven.
However, Jing Ningzi’s face was not relaxed, but rather solemn.
He could feel that the great avenue of heaven and earth on the other side had begun to become silent.
This time the calamity and killings were not as simple as t