ng Chong, raised his eyebrows and said, “What do you think, madam, how many moves does it take for my husband to capture this fake peacock? Three moves, or five?”

Weng Chong lowered his head and hesitated.
“Madam, you are very boring.”
Lu Bei sneered twice, and the hand around Weng Chong’s waist tightened suddenly, and the other hand turned into a sharp claw, touching the slender neck: “Little demon bird, are you going to catch me without any help, or will I be rough with my wife? Teach you slowly?”
The fists hidden in Kong Ji’s sleeves were tightly clenched, the golden flames in his eyes were beating wildly, and a series of warning quotes passed through his mind, “I would rather betray others than others betray me, a real man should not have a wife, and the old should not be replaced with the new” Not coming
Beside Lu Bei, Kong Cizheng was about to reveal the truth to the dog’s father. He heard that everything was Xuanwu’s revenge. Seeing that Kong Ji was hesitant, he snorted coldly and turned to look aside.
Your mother was arrested, and you still hesitated. Why didn’t you die?
On Kong Ji’s side, the struggle between heaven and man was still going on. After a while, he sighed dejectedly: “Let my wife and child go. If you want to kill or behead them, I will do whatever you want.”
Lu Bei raised his head and laughed: “Little demon bird, you have a despicable temper. I can’t trust you. Besides, you judge a gentleman with a villain’s heart, and you can’t trust me either. In the end, where is your wife and child here?”
Kong Jie was almost furious and growled in his throat: “What do you want?”
“Not much.”
Lu Bei took out the Xuanwu Cauldron: “Suzaku, long time no see. You should still remember me, right?”
Kong Ji’s eyes suddenly shrank, yes, there was no one else but Xuanwu who could confuse the fake with the real and deceive his magical powers.
He thought about the cause and effect, and immediately his eyelids twitched: “Xuanwu, you are indeed a demon!”
“At this point, it doesn’t matter if I admit it.”
Lu Bei clasped Weng Chong’s neck, golden flames dancing in his eyes: “Enough nonsense, there can only be two peacocks in the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters. Suzaku, commit suicide!”
“Kong Ji pays homage to my eldest brother, and is willing to serve as a leader for my brother’s family!”
/Kong Ji took his head and bowed. His speed and standard posture left Lu Bei speechless.
The last time he was so speechless was the last time.
“Suzaku, you are crazy, I am your enemy.”
“We don’t know each other without fighting. My elder brother has the appearance of a demon king, and my younger brother is convinced by his defeat.”
It turns out that the first demon emperor and the prime minister had the same virtues, bah, despicable.
Lu Bei clasped Weng Chong’s neck, neither letting go nor letting go. He pondered for a moment, then clenched a fist with five fingers and punched out.
/The void exploded, and Kong Jie couldn’t avoid it, flying upside down and falling into darkness.
Lu Bei dropped