st said that casually.”

Zuo Lian looked at the unfathomable sea of ??chaos and murmured: “The power of this ocean is truly unfathomable and unfathomable.”
/The Ancestral God stood on the jade platform, and the Kaiyuan Divine Ax buzzed and trembled in his hand. Among the remains of the magic weapons around him, suddenly a stream of spiritual light rushed towards the Kaiyuan Divine Ax at a rapid speed, as if it was from the spirit world such as You Xuan and Yin Rao. The immortal will of man!
The sea of ??chaos can destroy everything, destroy their physical souls, extinguish their avenues, and destroy their inheritance, but the immortal will and the idea of ??protecting all living beings remain!
This will cannot be destroyed by the Sea of ??Chaos!
Nowadays, this will is on the ruins and in the sea of ??chaos, forming the spiritual root of chaos that creates the world. It is getting stronger and stronger, urging the ax wielder to open up the sky, open up the earth, and open up a home for all living beings in the vast chaos!
This home is the other side of their dreams!
The spiritual power of a huge magic weapon remnant disappeared, and it collapsed like dust and turned into ashes. Then another magic weapon fragment exhausted its spiritual power and collapsed and was destroyed.
Xu Ying looked at the magic weapons that collapsed one after another around him, and couldn’t help but feel a little sad in his heart. For these Dao masters in the spiritual world, the only treasures they left in the sea of ??chaos after their death to prove their presence were shattered one by one and turned into nothing.
“However, a new universe is about to be born on this ruins.”
When Xu Ying thought of this, he saw that You Xuan’s golden wheel of cause and effect was shattered and ceased to exist.
His heart trembled. This scene seemed to be imprinted on his Taoist heart, which made him feel a faint pain.
Xu Ying said loudly: “Ancestral God, why don’t you take the opportunity to sacrifice the Kaiyuan God Axe?”
Upon hearing this, the Ancestral God immediately imprinted his own path to heaven and earth into the divine axe. The power of this chaotic spiritual root is still increasing crazily, making his brand seem insignificant and making it difficult to truly control the divine axe.
Seeing this, Xu Ying hurriedly came behind him and poured his Tao power into the ancestor god’s body to help him.
He has cultivated the nine evidence-based methods, and his magic power is powerful and boundless. It merges with the magic power of the ancestor gods and infuses it into the Kaiyuan Divine Ax.
The light of the divine ax became more and more intense, and various strange and magnificent avenue textures appeared on the handle of the axe. These textures did not exist when the ax was still in the aura state. It was only after the sacrifices of the two of them that they emerged.
Suddenly, the divine ax buzzed and vibrated, making the ancestor god’s arms sore and numb, making it difficult to grasp it.
The divine ax made a hissing sound and f