e Mansion, touching left and right, but he wouldn’t leave.

Xu Ying repeatedly issued eviction orders tactfully, but the girl in red still remained calm and refused to leave.
Xu Ying couldn’t bear it anymore and said: “Nan Xun, I am a family man. If you insist on staying here, I will not refuse. However, my bet with my wife failed. Now I am a female and she is a male.” , if you stay here, we will be sisters.”
Wen Nanxun then explained the purpose of his visit and said with a smile: “Which one wants to be your wife’s concubine? It’s just that I have something that needs to be fulfilled by fellow Taoist Xu.”
/Xu Ying asked: “What’s the matter?”
Wen Nanxun said: “I am not yet the true disciple of True Lord Daoji. I am just an inner disciple and cannot enter the Temple of Nirvana. Now that True Lord wants to test our practice of Taoism, I must complete the path from the Great Path of Reincarnation to the Great Way of Nirvana. Only by proving it can it become the true teaching. You are the master of the Tao of reincarnation and the Tao of annihilation, and you have achieved the demonstration of samsara and annihilation, so I would like to ask for your help.”
Xu Ying looked her over and said with a smile: “Nan Xun, you are a disciple of Daoji, but you have cultivated reincarnation first. Doesn’t it mean that your talent on the road of reincarnation is higher? Why don’t you switch to the disciple of Gu Daosheng, the master of the reincarnation hall? I think , you are more likely to come to an end on the road to reincarnation.”
Wen Nanxun begged, “This time I go to sea to practice the evidence of the cessation of reincarnation. Without your guidance, I wouldn’t be able to do it! Otherwise”
She rolled her eyes and said with a smile: “Shall I be your wife’s concubine?”
Xu Ying laughed and scolded the absurdity, and suddenly his heart moved slightly: “Although Weiyang has cultivated into the void before me and claims to be a male, she is not a male after all. If Nanxun becomes my wife as a concubine, it will be Master Xu who I accept. Concubine. I also have a childhood dream of becoming a master one day.”
/He glanced at Wen Nanxun and saw that this girl was delicate in appearance, but with a hot figure and bold clothes, which was really attractive.
Xu Yingji extinguished this ray of reverie and said with a smile: “After all, you are my guide in the Dao League. If I reject you, it will be unkind. In this case, I will help you once. Of course, I am not here for “I am not a concubine”
Wen Nanxun cheered and said excitedly: “Fellow Daoist Xu, please prepare first, we are going to sea today!”
Xu Ying wondered, practicing reincarnation based on the evidence of annihilation, directly based on the evidence, what to do at sea?
“But since we are going to sea, I’m afraid I have to be away for a while, so why not go see Master Zhong. I don’t feel comfortable leaving it in the Dao Alliance.”
Xu Ying asked where Master Zhong was, and Wen Nanxun smiled and said, “You don’t need to remember it. Now Brother Zhong Dao is a distingui