not been resolved, then of course we have to go! Let’s set off!”

Led by Taoist Cang Yu and others, they headed straight for the place where Xu Ying fell.
Suddenly, the Chaos Bell flew silently in front of them. Everyone was startled and hurriedly hid their bodies. They saw chaotic creatures swimming around, as if they were looking for something, rummaging around and bringing them back. Kicked out.
Everyone was shocked and confused, but the Chaos Clock and these chaotic creatures turned a blind eye to them and left in a hurry.
After these chaotic creatures flew past the big clock, one of the chaotic creatures suddenly broke away from the team and swam toward them.
Shaowu was a disciple of Huntunsheng. When he saw this, his heart moved slightly and he immediately sacrificed a piece of the debris of the universe.
This chaotic creature swam to the wreckage of the universe, landed on land, shook off the energy of chaos from its body, and transformed into a burly and majestic man, who was the master of the Chaos Palace of the Dao Alliance, Hun Tunsheng.
“Why are you here?”
/Hutunsheng snorted coldly, glared at Shaowu, and said, “This is the territory of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. The scum of the Immortal Dynasty led by Di Chen have already arrived nearby! I can’t protect you in front of this old boy. ,go back!”
At this time, an extremely bright light came from the sea of ??chaos. Jiang Ziliu, the master of the Hall of Karma, and Gu Daosheng, the master of the Hall of Reincarnation, each had nine evidences. It was as if there was a universe around them that was constantly pushing away the chaos. They walked out of the darkness and saw everyone, Everyone looked surprised.
The three of them made a fuss in the Imperial Capital and tried to take Yuan Weiyang away, causing quite a commotion. They fought their way out of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. Over the years, they had been recovering from their injuries while avoiding the pursuit of several old monsters in the Immortal Dynasty. They never had time to return to the Great Sky Ming Realm.
While they were recuperating, they discovered what the Chaos Clock was looking for, so they asked Hutunsheng to transform into a chaotic creature and wander around to find out the news.
“Are you the disciples who are going to comprehend Nirvana?”
Jiang Ziliu asked in shock, “How come there are so many disciples who survived this time?”
Gu Daosheng, the master of the Reincarnation Hall, nodded and said: “You should die so that there are only a dozen or so of you left.”
Wen Nanxun then told about Xu Ying’s rescue of everyone. Gu Daosheng showed surprise and said: “This promise saved you all? Can he bring you back from the state of annihilation?”
Everyone said yes.
Gu Daosheng said to Hutunsheng and Jiang Ziliu: “This promise must have been perfected to create the perfect path of silence. He is more humane than Daoji. Daoji also has such means, but he never saves people.”
Jiang Ziliu nodded and said, “He saved many of my disciples. I should repay him for this.”
/Hutunsheng w