“call out!”

Daoist Lin took the first step and plunged into the ring of chaos.
Then there was a whistling sound, and other Taoist masters threw themselves into the ring of chaos and disappeared.
Xu Ying’s scalp was numb: “Is this? Dao Master Lin was completely blinded by Jie Lun, and he didn’t know that this was not the Sea of ??Chaos at all! It was Jie Lun that was manipulating him, and the information he sensed was all wrong!”
Just when he thought of this, there was a sudden earth-shaking loud noise, and the chaos ring was finally ignited by this annihilation!
There were already many annihilating heavenly fires inside the previous Chaos Ring, but they did not reach a large scale and never completely ignited the Chaos Ring. At this moment, Dao Master Lin, the overlord of the vast universe of the Chaos Sea, finally ignited the Chaos Ring with himself as a salary!
“This is how the catastrophe of annihilation on the other side begins.” Xu Ying murmured.
/The other two did not speak.
With the death of Lin Chuanting, Bi’an was finally dragged into the catastrophe and evolved into the catastrophe of annihilation!
Xu Ying looked at the ring of heavenly fire that devoured everything, and thought to himself: “Could it be that Dao Master Lin is the most critical link in triggering the Tribulation of Nirvana? However, if he had not survived the Tribulation of Nirvana, then when I go back to the past to kill him, Why did we encounter the tide of time and space?”
He was puzzled, so he had to ask Jiang Ningzi, “Brother Tao, his attainments on the road of cause and effect are a thousand times greater than mine. Can you answer this difficult question for me?”
Jiang Ningzi sneered: “You can tolerate me, so why do you need me to answer?”
Although he said this, he paused and tried to answer, saying: “I think Dao Master Lin is destined to trigger the catastrophe of annihilation, so when you tried to obliterate him, you encountered the attack of the infinite avenue in infinite time and space. But for Ji As far as the calamity of destruction is concerned, he only needs to complete the task of triggering the calamity of silence, and it doesn’t matter whether he survives the calamity of silence or not.”
Xu Ying was stunned, with a sense of absurdity, and said with a smile: “For this reason, Taoist Master Lin thought that he would survive the catastrophe of annihilation, but he didn’t expect that he was insignificant. Hahahaha, it turns out that such a powerful Taoist as us Lord, it doesn’t matter.”
Changsun Shenghai stepped forward, bowed and said: “Disciple Shenghai, pay homage to Master Xu and Master Zhong. Meet Master Jiang.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Holy Sea, your master left the other shore and went to live happily in the Sea of ??Chaos. Before he left, he entrusted you to me. After finding you, I have one less thing to worry about.”
Changsun Shenghai got rid of Taoist Lin and avenged the annihilation of his family and the world for the emperor. He felt that his Taoist heart was as clear as the catastrophe of Nirvana