lood source at that time will be unimaginable. . What other power can open it up? Does the Yuanshi in the universe cemetery have such power?”

The more the cosmic flood source grows, the more stable it becomes and the less likely it is to be tapped out.
Even now, this flood source cannot be opened by ordinary Yuanshi Dao realm. When the Sea of ??Chaos is completely swallowed up, Xu Ying is worried that the Cosmic Cemetery will not have the ability to open it up!
At that time, the Chaos Sea will completely die!
“I don’t know, is there any other way to rescue me?”
Xu Ying thought hard, and at this moment, the Chaos Bell broke through the Chaos Sea and flew towards this side. Master Zhong, who was floating above Xu Ying’s head, saw this and quickly gave way to one side. But the Chaos Bell did not hang above Xu Ying’s head. Instead, it came to Xu Ying and saw a young man in a yellow shirt walking out from behind the bell. He was the spirit of the Chaos Bell.
“When those old monsters from the Yuanshi Realm saw that Yuan Xu was dead, they retreated.”
The young man in yellow shirt said to Xu, “Probably Yuanxu has no use anymore.”
Xu Ying nodded slightly and asked, “Brother Dao, are you sure you can open up this cosmic flood source?”
/The young man in yellow shirt shook his head and said: “This flood source can no longer be developed.”
Xu Ying asked: “So, can this black jade Ganoderma be eradicated?”
The boy in yellow shirt held up the Chaos Clock with one hand and flew towards the Black Jade Ganoderma lucidum, saying: “You can give it a try!”
Master Zhong quickly reminded: “Master Zhong, my good disciple, don’t go!”
“Cang!” “Cang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”
After a while, the boy in yellow shirt returned with a bruised nose and face, shook his head and said, “I can’t beat it.”
Xu Yingwen said: “It doesn’t matter if we can’t defeat it, we will just find a way.”
He turned around and looked at the Dao Masters and Dao Jin of the Dao Alliance in the distance, as well as Gu Daosheng, Guo Shoudao and other palace masters. Although these powerful Dao Alliance men saw that Yuan Xu was dead, they still did not leave.
“Is it really so important to see the truth of the avenue?”
/Xu Ying shook his head and walked away, “It can make a person forget how to be a human being. It can make a person abandon all sentient beings, abandon morality, do all kinds of evil, and do everything to the extreme. Is the way you see like this the real way?”
He waved his long sleeves back, which were longer than his hands, waving back like fairy ribbons.
Yuanxu’s corpse flew up, disintegrated and shattered in mid-air, turned into countless fragments of the avenue, and was subsequently annihilated.
The gorgeous stream of annihilation light flowed into the black jade Ganoderma lucidum as Xu Ying’s sleeves flicked.
“You are also a member of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. The Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty has fallen into silence, and the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty has been destroyed. Emperor Zhao, please repay this karma!”
With the sound of promise, Yuanxu dis