r: “You and Di Chen defeated me, but you lost completely!”

“The leader of the Dao Alliance regarded me as his opponent and said that I also lost to him. It’s really ridiculous. I just taught Di Chen a few magical skills, and then I beat you half to death. I had to ask the Yuanshi Realm existence behind the Dao Alliance to save you. field.”
/Xu Ying shook his head gently. He had no grudges with the Dao Alliance Leader, nor did he have any grudges with the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. He just happened to be involved in this dispute by them. How had he ever thought of fighting with them?
As for the current Chaos Lord and the next generation of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor, they are just things imposed on him by others.
The victory or defeat mentioned by Dao Alliance Leader Yuan Xu has nothing to do with him.
He just acted based on his likes and dislikes. He thought Di Chen was pleasing to his eyes, so he helped Di Chen. He thought the Chaos Lord was good, so he agreed to become the next generation of Chaos Lord.
That’s all.
“I left the Three Realms only because others said that I lacked the heart to seek the Tao, so I stepped into the Sea of ??Chaos to seek the true Tao. These disputes have nothing to do with me.” Xu Ying said silently in his heart.
From the moment he stepped out of the Three Realms, he was a seeker, and the Great Way was his pursuit.
“As for the so-called right path, it has nothing to do with me.”
Xu Ying thought of this and offered fire jujube branches again.
Leaving the Sea of ??Chaos, avoiding these disputes, and studying the avenues overseas of Chaos is currently his best choice.
At this time, a deep voice was heard: “I, the Wuji King Xiao Jishan, would like to take the place of the Hunyuan Immortal Emperor and suffer immeasurable calamity and burn immeasurable heavenly fire!”
Xu Yingxun looked up and saw that in the Hunyuan Immortal Courtyard in the distance, a sudden light burst out, and the Wuji Dao burst out. In the Wuji Dao light, the figure of Wuji King Xiao Jishan emerged, getting bigger and bigger, becoming more and more majestic!
Xiao Jishan is actually pulling the energy of disaster scattered in the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty into his body!
His own avenue suddenly burned and turned into a blazing fire of annihilation. Although he was at the end of the road, his own cultivation strength was far inferior to that of Di Chen. Before he could absorb the calamity in Huangji Capital into his body, he could no longer bear it and began to die.
At this time, Taoist Zuo Xiangyi’s figure appeared in the sky above Huangji Imperial Capital, and his voice was low, but it spread throughout the countryside.
“We come from all living beings. At this time, we should sacrifice ourselves to give hope to all living beings. In the future, there will be more of us coming from all living beings.”
He sat cross-legged in the air, and infinite light emerged behind him, appearing at the end of his own road, actively attracting the fate of heaven and earth, and setting himself on fire.
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