fe was saved.

Luo Taizong failed to kill Xu Ying and snorted coldly. At this time, Ancient God Luo Taizong was at a disadvantage in his struggle with the Three Great Dao Masters. He did not care about pursuing Xu Ying and immediately faced everyone.
However, whenever he was about to succeed and kill one of the four Taoist masters, a Taoist master who practiced the same Taoist method and Xu Ying would immediately appear, break his magical power, and rescue that Taoist master.
“If I don’t kill Xu Ying, it will be difficult for me to win!”
Luo Taizong showed a fierce look in his eyes, stared at Xu Ying, and suddenly adjusted the three avenues of Taiyi, reincarnation, and cause and effect at the same time, and shouted: “Everyone, I will send you all on your way today!”
But seeing that reincarnation unifies all the realms of heaven and earth, unifies all cause and effect, and all realms are mixed, the entire universe on the other side becomes distorted and rotated under his extremely terrifying Tao power, and countless stars are like light particles in reincarnation, extremely small.
/The broken continents on the other side were gradually restored under Luo Taizong’s terrifying power, and the weakened avenue of heaven and earth was restored to integrity and became better than before.
The entire universe on the other side has turned into a huge ring of reincarnation, emitting light that can penetrate into the sea of ??chaos!
All living beings and stars in the vast ocean are just an insignificant speck in this cycle of reincarnation.
The other side of the universe is not a universe, but has annexed the starry sky of the heaven realm and plundered countless stars and Taoist scenes in the universe to reach its current scale.
This universe is really too big and vast, but the majestic power of heaven and earth it contains is unimaginable!
“We can’t let him rule the other side, otherwise everyone will die!”
Master Taiyi shouted violently, activated Taiyi Avenue, and competed with Luo Taizong for control of Taiyi Avenue on the other side.
Dong Xuan and Xu Ying also stepped forward, each manipulating Taiyi Avenue, trying their best to suppress Luo Taizong’s manipulating the entire universe.
At the same time, Wuxi suppressed reincarnation and Jiangning suppressed cause and effect.
Hua, Lin, Luo, and Tongtian all mobilized their magic weapons, harnessed their supernatural powers, and attacked Luo Taizong!
The others each sacrificed their spiritual treasures and pressed them down to Luo Taizong!
/Luo Taizong stood between the eyebrows of his ancient god body, raised his hand to forcefully shake the magic weapons of the four masters of the avenue, and at the same time suppressed Xu Ying, Dong Xuan, Tai Yi and others.
Just when he was about to suppress Xu Ying and others, an ancient god suddenly flew over and threw himself into reincarnation on the other side. In an instant, the avenues of heaven and earth on the other side broke away from Luo Taizong’s control and fell into the hands of that ancient god!
“Ancestral Go