n’t believe it.

Han Miaojun helplessly looked at Lu Beiyuan’s back and secretly thought that this person was too suspicious. The pervert should follow his heart and not be extremely wary of beauty.
“Han Miaojun, if I remember correctly, in the previous battle in Hankong Valley, the Fuluan Palace also contributed a lot.” Zhu Yintian appeared behind Han Miaojun with a black sword in his left hand and a white sword in his right hand with a pair of yin and yang fish on his feet.
There is one sword intention and one sword intention. The two are distinct and seem to be indistinguishable from each other.
In an instant, he slashed down, manifesting a huge Yin-Yang formation.
In the formation, there was endless murderous intent in the calm. Han Miaojun’s faded shadow was first shaken, then shattered, then crushed and drifted, and finally destroyed.
A bit of white light bloomed, and the lotus pedestal flew out from Mu Qing’s hand. Amid the holy brilliance, Han Miaojun held the lotus pedestal in his hand, with a solemn eyebrow.
Regardless of whether some of the words between her and Lu Bei were true or false, there was one sentence that she was serious about.
The main body has never entered the secret realm, this body is really a clone.
“Old Monster Yintian, where have you been all these years since you disappeared, and why have your magical powers reached such a level?”
“If I offer my soul, it doesn’t matter if I tell you the truth.”
Zhu Yintian strolled in the courtyard, the sword rose with sword intention, the sword fell with sword intention, the yin and yang fishes cycled back and forth, forcing Han Miaojun to retreat step by step, relying on the white jade lotus platform to resist.
In the distance, Lu Bei, who deliberately kept a distance, complained that he had a toothache. He secretly said that the palace master was hiding his clumsiness too much. He could betray his teammates, but he also betrayed him, but selling like this was really too much.
At least it’s a 50-50 draw, so there’s no winner.
Bai Jinchuan heard from him and asked if he wanted to help. Lu Bei politely declined and asked him to follow Zhu Xiushi, taking care to be careful of Ji Jie’s betrayal.
It’s best to take down Ji Jie now.
As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly attacked Mu Qing and received a message from his master. He slashed at Ji Jie with his sword, striking the princess three times and five times twice, until the princess begged for mercy.
There was a huge difference in realm, and Ji Jie was no match for Xiang Muqing.
/“Ho ho ho”
/Ji Han lost to Lu Bei in a long battle, and the body of the golden corpse that he was so proud of was completely suppressed. He roared and manifested the Wusheng Gate behind him.
Two dark bone doors were pushed open with a rumble, and two evil spirits, one black and one white, walked out. Their ears and nose were cut off, their mouth and eyes were sewn shut with black threads, and they were wrapped in chains. They all showed signs of serious sin.
The two evil ghosts have no entity, and everyth