m, cultivate the immeasurable sea of ??Tao.”

“The Dao Emperor actually has this level?” Xu Ying asked in surprise.
The Holy Ancestor said: “His realm is actually higher than mine. He is the most powerful existence I have ever seen. Back then, I was not afraid of anyone but him. To this day, even if I can borrow the annihilation of the Chaos Sea He uses Qi to improve himself and is far better than before, and I don’t think I can compete with him. Hey!”
He chuckled lightly and said: “This is still the Dao Emperor who cannot use all his cultivation bases. If the Dao Emperor is not affected by the calamity and can use all his cultivation bases, his strength will be even more terrifying!”
“So, how far is the distance between the Holy Ancestor and the Dao Emperor?” Xu Ying asked.
The Holy Ancestor looked straight and said: “There is only a slight difference between me and him.”
Xu Ying was quite puzzled.
The Holy Ancestor said: “Although it is a slight difference, it is a far cry from each other when we fight. But now the misfortune of the Chaos Sea is getting more and more serious, and the energy of annihilation is getting stronger and stronger. One is decreasing and the other is increasing. My The Dao of Nirvana will also become stronger and stronger. If many Taoist friends join forces with me, then we can deal with the Tao Emperor and destroy this old Taoist Nirvana!”
The Holy Ancestor also had a face on the back of his head. He didn’t take it seriously and said, “Because I tried to destroy the Sea of ??Chaos back then, in order to trigger the catastrophe of annihilation that swept through the Sea of ??Chaos, so that I could transcend the beginning and cultivate the Sea of ??Nirvana. Purpose. Discovered by the Chaos Lord, so he insisted on killing me.”
Xu Ying checked his injuries and said with a smile: “How to destroy the Sea of ??Chaos?”
The Holy Ancestor said: “Destroy each universe in the Chaos Sea, causing more and more universe wreckage, and the cemetery getting bigger and bigger. The little things add up, and one day, it will evolve into a catastrophe of annihilation that sweeps the entire Chaos Sea. That Is it your friend?”
He looked into the distance and saw a Taoist with a clear face and a long beard walking towards this side and landing on another leaf of black jade Ganoderma lucidum.
Xu Yingdao: “That is True Lord Daoji, and he is also a person who practices the path of annihilation. Now he has reached the end of the path of annihilation.”
The Holy Ancestor was surprised and praised: “It is really rare to achieve such achievements on the path of annihilation.”
/True Lord Daoji paid homage to Xu Ying and the Holy Ancestor from afar, then sat down without saying a word.
The Holy Ancestor smiled and said, “It’s me.”
Xu Ying said: “I heard that the Holy Ancestor was dead, but I didn’t expect that you are still alive.”
The Holy Ancestor laughed loudly and said: “Chaos must completely sublimate the cemetery to kill me, but fortunately the Dao Emperor took action and stopped him, so that I can sur