the style of the wise men in ancient times, but it is now rare.

Xu Ying returned the gift and said to Dazhong and Qi: “Master Zhong, Master Qi, come with me to pay homage to Long Yuan.”
Dazhong lazily said: “Ah Ying, even if you hold Tianchu and control the way of heaven, you can’t be the opponent of Longyuan God. The strength of this God is much higher than that of my family that was suppressed by the scrapped master! But! Fortunately, Mr. Zhong, I have experience in suppressing gods, so I still have to take the lead in this battle!”
Xian Qi jumped onto Xu Ying’s shoulders and praised him repeatedly: “Master Zhong is so majestic. After this battle, Ah Ying and I will build an ancestral hall to worship Master Zhong, so that you can become a god after your death!”
/Dazhong said angrily, “Children’s words are unbridled, good luck! Even if you two bastards become gods, I won’t become a god! Master Zhong wants to beat up Xiaoyao Zhong and suppress the existence of Fairy Qingqi, so he won’t die heroically!”
Xu Ying activated the Heavenly Punishment Sword, and the Heavenly Punishment Sword energy surrounded his body.
Jiang Qi quickly said loudly: “Senior Ah Ying, there is one more thing! There is no head on the neck of Long Yuan God. If you attack, don’t attack that maple leaf-shaped light. Because I attacked that maple leaf, I lost the opportunity. , he took the chance and was hit hard.”
Xu Ying thanked them and waved his hand: “Master Jiang will escort them away, and I will follow you. If I return to China, the Heavenly Punishment Sword will automatically fly back to you.”
Jiang Qi bowed and said, “I’m waiting for the good news.”
The Heavenly Punishment Sword roared into the sky, carrying Xu Ying and rushing towards the outside of the fish belly world.
The Tianzhu Sword can take the form of a god with a dragon head and a human body, display strange phenomena, and can also be used as a fairy sword. At this time, Xu Ying used Tianzhu as an ordinary fairy sword to activate the power of heaven!
The sword light took him whizzing through the cracks in the fish belly world and flying into the atmosphere of the gaseous star.
There is a strong odor in the atmosphere, which is highly toxic. It must be purified by the breathing of big fish before it can be breathed by ordinary people. However, Xu Ying and An Qi both had a vast Xiyi territory within their bodies, and there was no need to breathe the outside air.
Xu Ying drove the Tianzhu Sword and flew through the air. He saw a huge fish cut into pieces in the air, and there were many dead. Only the ocean of gaseous stars can support such a huge fish, but at this moment, the big fish was slaughtered!
There were also many big fish angrily guerrilla and pounced on the same place, where the light of heaven was shining brightly. There was a majestic god with only one arm, and a maple leaf-shaped light appeared above the shoulder, which was extremely dazzling.
He is Long Yuan God, fighting those big fish, trying to kill all the big fish!
/The big fish is thousands o