it. He rebutted.”

The gods were sincerely convinced and admired him endlessly.
Shenzhou Land returned to Shicheng, found Beichenzi, and informed him of the incident. Beichenzi pondered for a moment and said: “Brother Taoist, it is good for the gods to be projected on the statues and take the initiative to come to the world. But this matter will be too big. If the superiors punish you,”
Shenzhou Tutu smiled and said: “We are small people. The moment the God descends to earth, the responsibility is no longer on our heads. If we are to be punished, the leader of the Temple of Heaven will also be punished.”
Beichenzi suddenly realized it and praised him repeatedly, saying: “I got the news that Xu Ying has gone to Jiulong Mountain.”
Shenzhou Land became energetic and said: “We will go to Jiulong Mountain immediately!”
Xu Ying was still working hard to break the prison word Dao Wen. Along the way, he had broken the physical seal of more than thirty lifetimes, and he gradually discovered a strange thing.
That is, every time he breaks a physical seal, he feels that his physical body becomes more stable.
This is very strange.
The word “prison” in Dao Wen seals the physical body. Beichenzi and others will seal his physical body in each life to the level of a mortal without any cultivation history, and then throw him into the mortal world.
/This also means that his physical achievements in each life will be sealed, not erased!
Now, every time Xu Ying unlocks a seal, the physical achievements of that life will return!
Although what Xu Ying wanted was the return of his memory, the return of his physical achievements was better than nothing.
“My physical achievements in each of my previous lives didn’t seem to be very high.”
Xu Ying checked and found out that in these thirty-three lives, he had only practiced the Taiyi Guidance Technique, and had only practiced the Taiyi Guidance Technique to the Qi Gathering Stage. How much stronger could he be?
Xu Ying couldn’t help but wonder: “Forty-five lifetimes forward, who was I at that time? How could my body be so strong? How powerful I am, he can even keep pace with me!”
When he unsealed this physical body, he discovered that he was a Da Nuo at that time and had practiced a secret Nuo method in Jianggong.
“It turns out that I was just a leek at that time. Before I could be harvested, I’m afraid my memory would have been wiped away by Beichenzi and the others, sealed, and thrown away in some mountain nook.” Xu Ying thought to herself.
At this moment, Xue Ying’an’s voice interrupted his meditation: “Brother Xu, Brother Xu! My master is over there!”
Xu Ying woke up with a start and looked around hurriedly, only to see that they had arrived in the mountains of Jiulong Mountain at some unknown time.
/Jiulong Mountain is majestic and majestic, shaped like a disk of nine dragons, with the dragon’s head facing inwards, forming a fairy mountain.
The mountain that Kowloon rises from is Liucailing.
On the slopes of the mountain, green leeks are planted, and they are growing h