Pond of Rebirth. Legend has it that it can send people’s souls to the afterlife. However, almost all the souls swallowed by it died and never appeared again.

After Wang Xuan consumed seven or eight hundred percent of the super matter in the pool, he buried it in the earth of life, leaving it in a dormant state.
Whether it is him or the enemy, as long as he injects super matter into the life soil, he can activate it again.
/“How is that possible?!” Zheng Wu’s pupils shrank, he was frightened and frightened, and he was very scared inside.
He couldn’t believe it. This thing was an ominous thing that killed its owner. But almost no one who got it had a good death. It would backfire on the owner!
Who dares to put such a big killing weapon in the soil of life? Getting close to the soul is seeking death and will eat you alive!
However, someone has done this now, and he has not died or been devoured.
Zheng Wu found it difficult to accept this. This was not in line with common sense at all.
Once the pool of rebirth is activated, gods will kill gods and Buddhas. They will swallow the soul light at the sight of them, regardless of whether they are enemies or friends.
Only the extremely powerful dare to touch it. Only those at that level dare to take over and wield this terrifying weapon!
The pool of rebirth was filled with nebula-like brilliance, as if it could swallow up all the stars in the sky, and in an instant, it tore off a fragment of Zheng Wu’s soul.
He couldn’t break free. The destiny blood contained soul and was adsorbed on the fate soil. In the end, he could only sigh, was he going to die here?
He was so aggrieved and resentful, how could he encounter the Pond of Rebirth?
At the last moment, his Heavenly Blood Heavenly Life bloomed with golden clouds, and nine characters flew out, like nine rounds of heavenly sun shining in the life soil.
Zheng Yuantian’s influence is everywhere. The peerless master carved nine characters into Zheng Wu’s soul. Unfortunately, when he crossed the border, he was locked by the Old Testament and lost 99% of his power. Now the vague golden mark is finally activated. !
Zheng Wu struggled, and with the help of Jiuzi Hengkong, he was not dead for the time being. He was fierce in his heart and wanted to tear apart the life soil. He didn’t want to create a monster with a terrifying foundation. What he couldn’t get would be destroyed!
Just when he activated the silver divine chain that was broken into three sections, preparing to penetrate the life soil, mince it, and even destroy the main root of the heavenly medicine, a golden texture intertwined, causing his soul to crack.
Zheng Wu trembled, frightened and angry, and at the same time felt a sense of powerlessness.
/Wang Xuan stepped into the land of fate wearing Yuan Shen armor and holding the God-Slaying Flag. He had nothing to hesitate and waved the golden flag at him.
“This is it.” Zheng Wu felt an unspeakable sense of frustration. He really saw a ghost today and saw one terrifying artifact after another.