somely, but today you are dressed like Lao Nai?”

“Just say it’s just so-so.” Liu Changan felt that he remembered correctly.
“When I say you don’t need to be too handsome, I mean, don’t be so handsome that Zhizhi will like you in comparison. Just be a little more handsome than Wu Fan.” An Nuan said with a hum.
“Do you think I can figure it out?”
“Do you think I’m not as handsome as Wu Fan now?”
“You’re more handsome than him!” At this point, An Nuan still firmly sides with her boyfriend. After all, as Liu Changan said before, there is no fairness or objectivity, and his stance is naturally on her side.
“Then it’s over”
“I want Zhizhi to think you are more handsome than Wu Fan, but you can’t be so handsome that Zhizhi likes you too,” An Nuan murmured, pulling Liu Changan’s finger and following behind.
The four of them walked out of the coffee shop. The sun was still not very bright at this time. Liu Changan’s hot sauce had been dried, so the weather could gradually cool down.
In a month or two, you can make a special trip to Junsha. One of the four traditional maple viewing spots is Aiwan Pavilion, surrounded by fiery red maple leaves. Not far from your feet is the Lushan Academy with black tiles and white walls. The scene in front of you is still the elegance and poetic allusion behind the scene. If you come here to experience it, you will not be disappointed.
/Wu Fan looked around. The most eye-catching of the four people were undoubtedly himself and An Nuan, but what made him very uncomfortable was that, forget An Nuan, Han Zhizhi didn’t seem to be familiar with Liu Changan, but he would be there When Liu Changan spoke, he looked like he was listening or listening carefully.
“Where are we going?” Wu Fan asked casually, as if he was just a guest.
/An Nuan and Han Zhizhi turned their heads to look at Liu Changan.
“Isn’t the museum closed for reconstruction?” Han Zhizhi asked doubtfully.
“I went there once in May, and I heard that it will reopen in November, but the latest news is that it has recently started trial operation and will only receive a limited number of tourists every day.” Liu Changan is quite concerned about this kind of news.
“Since it’s limited, can we go in?” Wu Fan was actually not interested in the museum at all, but he couldn’t show it.
“I successfully made an appointment last night for four people.” Liu Changan happily told Wu Fan.
“Then you will be responsible for explaining the whole process.” An Nuan felt that Liu Changan was completely qualified. “If there is no explanation when visiting a museum, it is really no different from looking at pictures of cultural relics on the Internet.”
“We have been there in elementary school and junior high school. Then it was closed and rebuilt for several years. I don’t know what it is like now.” Han Zhizhi said to Wu Fan with some anticipation.
“Okay, let’s go.” Wu Fan also looked very interested. He turned around and glanced at Liu Changan. This guy actually made an appointment last night. Is this a deliberate attempt to tease him?