n Emperor. This decision that went against their ancestors made the three elders dislike her very much.

Secondly, according to what Yu Yu said, the enemy who came to fight was the Yao clan. To put it bluntly, it was an internal fight between the Nine-tailed Fox clan.
When the Yao clan was kicked out, the three elders did not take action. When the Yao clan fought back, they would not take action. The only time they took action was when Yan Yu issued the ban and asked her to give an explanation.
San Lao: It couldn’t be more right!
Yan Yu: So we don’t deserve it.
Three elders:
The concise and concise dialogue made the three elders seriously dislike her. They would not participate in the affairs of the clan and wait for the next clan leader to bring order to the chaos.
Yan Yu’s meaning is actually very simple. It is extremely difficult to pass on the bloodline of one emperor and eight kings, let alone the first generation of demon emperors. He didn’t succeed when he was hot, and he didn’t give birth to a single heir who might carry blood, let alone ten thousand years of cold.
Yan Yu knew that those who took in the blood of the first-generation Demon Emperor would sacrifice a lot. In addition to their mental strength, they also suffered from a wasted state and overdraft potential.
Realm can be regarded as the longevity of a person in cultivation, and potential represents the future. When cultivation reaches the Mahayana stage, potential is crucial.
For example, her nemesis Gongge was struck by a ball of golden flames in her belly, and her level fell and was overtaken by her successor. Not to mention that she became a person with mediocre qualifications, but she was still much worse than before.
/Each generation chooses a proud daughter of heaven to continue the bloodline of the first generation of demon emperors. What is overdrawn is not the future of the nine-tailed fox clan. This decadent poison must be abolished.
Furthermore, continuing the poisoning of the first-generation Demon Emperor’s bloodline, several other royal families are also trying, and they are born, but they have nothing to do with the first-generation Demon Emperor.
He was able to be born because of the secret method that gave the bloodline of the first generation Demon King a fresh body.
For ten thousand years, these bodies have died one after another, one genius after another has been crippled, and not a single one has awakened.
Even if you go to the Phoenix Clan and use the Phoenix Flame to refine your bloodline, you won’t be able to awaken the bloodline of the first generation Demon Emperor.
It’s understandable to dream. Anyone who doesn’t have dreams and doesn’t wake up after dreaming for ten thousand years is the fault of you old people.
Yan Yu argued hard and refused to sacrifice his clan members. The attitude of the three elders was also very firm. They did not argue with Yan Yu and waited for the next clan leader to understand.
Today, Yan Yu went to the grave. She had no intention of convincing the three elders with reason