s physical body in an instant.

The man’s terrifying palm fell, and the void exploded. White air waves opened up, like a huge explosion in the ocean. This man was unstoppable.
He rose into the air, his whole body filled with bright sword light, shooting out and slashing at the man.
However, something horrifying happened. This man’s big hand smashed the incomparable sword light. Thousands of sword lights fell on him, and a faint gleam of light appeared on his body surface, all of which were blocked. .
The most frightening thing is that his big hand reached into the sword wheel and was unscathed. He grabbed Wang Xuan’s neck. It was ridiculously powerful.
At the same time, his forehead glowed, and he wanted to crush Wang Xuan with his spiritual power and shock him in an instant. This was a rhythm that wanted to capture Wang Xuan in one encounter, without giving him the slightest chance.
Chen Yongjie was shocked, who is this? Not long ago, he witnessed with his own eyes that Wang Xuan defeated three great masters: Qi Chengdao, Blood God Ape, and the Second Son of Demon Ancestor. Who else in this space can threaten Xiao Wang?
Wang Xuan’s hair stood on end. Even the sword wheel, which was regarded as invincible, could not stop this person. The opponent’s strength was too terrifying, and his realm was absolutely impressive. Could it be that a peerless strongman came out of the curtain? Take action yourself!
In a hurry, a dagger appeared in his right hand. It was said to be indestructible and even the fishing line on the dead moon was cut by it.
However, that big hand slapped the dagger, sending it flying in an instant, and struck again. In the process, it touched Wang Xuan’s fist mark.
At the critical moment, Wang Xuan’s left hand blasted out the God-Slaying Flag and struck the opponent!
He was inexplicably shocked. There was a high probability that he was really blocked by the peerless immortal demon!
/Wang Xuan held the small flag in his left hand. When the flag collided with the palm of his hand, there was a loud earthquake like an asteroid hitting the earth, and a dazzling umbrella-shaped energy mist rose up.
/The pain was unbearable, and Wang Xuan’s pupils shrank. He held a unique treasure, but his left hand was broken!
It can be seen that on his left hand, the soft flesh between each two fingers was cracked by the powerful force and dripping with blood.
He had never encountered such a tyrannical person, holding a patched God-Slaying Flag, but the result was so tragic that his whole arm was convulsing.
The man’s palm only paused for a moment before being cut off by the flag, with bright red blood flowing out, before being slapped down again.
Like an immortal tribulation erupting from a feather, it was deafening. It was Chen Yongjie who was doing it. He carried an energy cannon on his shoulder and fired one after another, blasting out dozens of dazzling beams in one breath.
Some of them really hit, landing on that person!
As for the other beams, they flew past the man’s body and ex