here were only scorch marks. Here, people who were separated by countless eras and were not in the same time and space actually damaged the God-Slaying Flag.

After being blocked by the God-Slaying Flag, Wang Xuan and the round-faced girl quickly retreated, but they still exploded above the embers of fire on the avenue, turning into a rain of light.
This time, Wang Xuan felt as if he had been waiting for a long time. He was suffocated in the darkness, unable to gather all his consciousness, and almost thought he was going to die.
Finally, his scattered consciousness gradually became clear, and his spiritual body condensed in the remaining firelight and reappeared.
The girl with a round face also formed a soul body from blur to clarity, and there was light and rain. She immediately screamed and was really frightened.
“It’s not like the Demon Lord and I have never experienced this kind of fire, but why is it different this time? Who is this old man? It’s so terrifying, it almost killed me!”
She ran back to her physical body with a whoosh, and was really frightened. She felt that she had really died just now, and was wiped out by someone’s eyes in the chaotic time and space.
Wang Xuan’s spiritual body stood in front of the fire and was lost in thought for a long time. If there was no God-killing Flag, he felt that he and Little White Tiger would really be obliterated!
This is a bit scary. Although they are not in the same dimension, time and space are intertwined, the last person left behind is actually so strong?
He quickly looked at the God-Slaying Flag. The burning corner was extinguished and part of it was damaged, but the golden veins were intertwined and it slowly recovered.
/“Okay!” He grabbed the flag tightly.
Wang Xuan calmed down. The old man finally said that he was an evil spirit. This was a bit surprising. Did the evil spirit really need to be redefined?
If this is the case, the astronauts he and Lao Zhang saw in the bar can be understood. It makes sense. They are creatures that are scattered in time and space, observing this mythical world?
However, the ancient-looking astronauts he found in the city where the Sun family was located were somewhat unexplainable.
Especially when he thought of the dead spirits, his head grew even bigger. In the vast ocean, they were densely packed with scarlet eyes, ranging from the size of a lantern to the size of a mountain. How many monsters were there?
If they are also caused by the confusion of time and space, how many people must be observing him, all of them addicted to voyeurism? There is almost a voyeuristic mentality.
He shook his head, that was definitely not the case. The form of the evil spirit was very complicated and was not just one situation.
A person like him, who has such a disordered time and space, observes that a latecomer from the last mythological civilization is actually considered to be a ghost. It is indeed worthy of deep thought and vigilance.
“Next time, I need to catch a few to study!”
The fire is about to go out. It really emits