ated to him. Originally, Lord Gould had a very difficult time maintaining and caring for the four top families who had lost their lords.

But since the destruction of the Dennis family, those who want to threaten the four top noble industries have restrained themselves a lot.
David is not only a powerful ally of the Maine family, but also a ruthless madman.
It’s not worth the risk of offending David just for a little benefit when David is in the spotlight.
Lord Gould had invested in David before, but he didn’t expect that the returns would come quickly as soon as he invested. How could he not be proud of this.
“Master, Duke Arthur also sent an invitation letter to Master Charlie!” Butler Hayes noticed that Lord Gould was very interested and bowed to report.
“It’s also his luck that Charlie has such a friend, but the gap in strength between Arthur and Charlie is getting bigger and bigger. Blackmer is going to keep an eye on Charlie’s training!” Lord Gould felt angry when he thought of Charlie’s training. He ordered in a deep voice.
Baron Blackmer was Charlie’s uncle, but it was probably not easy for Baron Blackmer to control Charlie. Although Butler Hayes knew about it, he could only bow down and comply.
“Arthur’s invitation is somewhat new!” Lord Gould said with a smile as he felt the alchemical energy coming from the invitation in his hand.
It’s not that there are no nobles who use alchemy invitations, it’s just that they are all top nobles with a lot of money, and there are only a few among the big nobles who use alchemy invitations.
The main reason is that there are very few good alchemists. Not all nobles will do this because they spend a lot of energy and financial resources on invitations. Using other materials of the same value, the effect of making invitations is not much different.
What’s more important is that the invitation letter is useless after being used once. Using an alchemy invitation letter is so wasteful that even the extravagant nobles cannot bear it.
The alchemy invitation is made of several kinds of metals added to the Yaojin Stone. In addition to the words “invitation”, there are several dustproof, waterproof and fireproof patterns drawn on the surface. These patterns can make the alchemy invitation no matter what time it is. All kept clean and tidy.
/Lord Gould opened the alchemy invitation. There was no text inside the alchemy invitation. It was densely painted with complex patterns, and two small top-grade kryptonite stones were inlaid in the middle seam.
When the alchemy invitation is opened, energy flows from the small top-grade kryptonite, lighting up the complex patterns one by one. When the last line lights up, a dynamic picture is projected above the alchemy invitation.
After being able to see the castle clearly, the field of view turned to the opposite side of the castle, and a line of text appeared on it, “Duke Arthur of the Shadow Leopard bloodline invites the great Lord Gould to Garmis to attend the promotion celebration reception.”
Perhaps this form of invitation is